Summer 2022 Design Trends To Inspire You

Summer 2022 Design Trends To Inspire You

Summer 2022 Design Trends To Inspire You

June 14, 2022

Summer 2022 Design Trends To Inspire You


After particularly difficult and uncertain times, the way we want to live our lives changed, and consequently how we look at our homes also changed. Our homes became a place where we spend most of our time, so if it was considered a place to escape outside life, now it has become a space to guarantee mental well-being. Having that in mind, it is important to have a space where our personality can be shown through the way we style it.


The beginning of a new season is always an opportunity to add a few touches and give it a refreshed look. Here’s our selection of 2022 Summer Design Trends to inspire you.




Biophilic Design




Nothing says summer like flowers and exuberant trees. After being deprived of visiting outside spaces for so long, the biophilic design is set to be one of the major trends for this summer. A Biophilic design considers the connection between space and nature by the use of plants and by maximizing natural light.


All Natural




Neutral and natural colors never go out of style. Having always been emphasized by interior designers, it is definitely a trend in the next season, being ideal to build a refined and intimate interior and helping create a calm yet uplifting space. They can be featured in furniture, walls, or even in accessories.


Curves and Smooth Edges




After a long period of straight and angular lines, the timeless 70’s curved shapes trend is back and here to stay. Curves and smooth edges give us a feeling of coziness and comfort and add a welcoming feature to any interior space. It will be seen in mirrors, cabinets, kitchen island countertops, sofas, and armchairs. The result is a modern and pleasing environment.



Summer 2022 Design Trends To Inspire You


Shades of Green




From relaxing olive to vivid emerald, green is the major color trend in the summer of 2022. In color psychology, green is considered calming and symbolizes freshness and hope, much needed after the rough times we’ve been through. Considering the extensive palette of different shades of green, you can easily choose the one you prefer the most for your furniture or accessories.


All The Textures




One of the most flexible next season trends, the texture is the visual appearance or the physical feeling of an object. It is used by interior designers to bring dimension and visual interest, by having the ability to draw attention to an object or a section of a room. Different textures can be featured in different pieces such as tables, rugs, shelves, or chandeliers.


Blurring Indoors and Outdoors




Although it is not a new trend, the trend to blur the indoors with the outdoors is going to be a part of the upcoming season and it consists of the integration of the two spaces. It can be achieved by the use of nature-related items in the interior spaces such as the color green or the biophilic design, trends mentioned early that are also going to be big next season. Big windows and the choice of using the same flooring in both environments can also help create the illusion that the two spaces are perfectly integrated.


Sensory Lighting




Along with colors, it is known that lighting can affect your mood and the way you feel about certain environments and it is an essential component of a successful and harmonic space. Therefore, the right lighting choice can completely transform a room and define its identity.



Brubeck Round Chandelier


Summer 2022 Design Trends To Inspire You







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