Interior Designers We Love: Champalimaud Design

Interior Designers We Love: Champalimaud Design

June 14, 2021

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Champalimaud Design is known for creating some of the most renowned hotels and restaurants in the world. Today CovetED would like to tell you more about them and their style in design. We are here to let you know all about the designer, are you ready? Come and find out more about the projects!


Biography: the woman before the myth



Alexandra Champalimaud is the Founder, President and Principal Designer at Champalimaud. What is more, she is a full-service interior design and interior planning firm specializing in bespoke, high-end hospitality and residential design.



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Interior Designers We Love: Champalimaud Design


Alexandra Champalimaud was born and raised in Portugal. She received her early education in Switzerland and England. After that, the designer completed her design training at the Espirito Santo Foundation in Lisbon, Portugal which is one of the worlds’ last remaining colleges teaching the tradition of European arts, crafts and techniques of historic preservation and restoration.


Interior Designers We Love: Champalimaud Design


Nearly 30 years ago, Alexandra Champalimaud & Associates was founded and quickly developed a strong following among Montreal tastemakers. As the company expanded, Alexandra decided to relocate to New York City in 1994 to serve a thriving international client base and changed its name to Champalimaud in 2008. Since its inception, the firm has been privileged to partner with many landmark hotels and residences globally.


Background & Realizations


Interior Designers We Love: Champalimaud Design


Alexandra brings a dynamic intellectual curiosity and an absence of pretence to her work. Drawing upon a wealth of personal experiences and professional commissions throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and South America, her work is known for subtle references unique to her multi-faceted vantage point. With a unique talent for the application of colour, pattern, texture and a seasoned understanding of the foundations and principles of classic design, Alexandra remains an uncompromising aesthetic respectful of the needs of her clients and the time place and cultural context of each project. Her New York-based firm Champalimaud is highly regarded for its residential and hospitality interiors work. The owner is grace and innovation personified.


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The Most Iconic Projects



There are three projects that come to mind as the most iconic projects. Alexandra Champalimaud and her team created in Taos, NM; cool office space in New York City, which was just completed the renovations at the Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles.


Interior Designers We Love: Champalimaud Design



Right now the firm is working on a particularly wonderful place—the highest of high-end residential that’s extremely sexy, on the top of the peak in Hong Kong. After that, they have a wonderful residential property on the water in Miami, the lobby of which is really fun. It’s very modern, however, it has an enormous soul and speaks to the enduring relevance of those great, original art deco Miami buildings.


Interior Designers We Love: Champalimaud Design


The third great project is a beautiful private boutique hotel project in Nassau, on top of a hill. It feels like a contemporary, modern plantation. Meanwhile, in Bath in the U.K.,a 19th-century hospital is converted into the Gainsborough Bath Spa hotel with reclaimed Roman ruins. It features a one-of-a-kind spa with therapeutic pools and singular access to the local healing mineral waters.



Interior Designers We Love: Champalimaud Design



There were also finished a few residences—one on Park Avenue, another beautiful, turn-of-the-century house in Denver, an incredible from-scratch hybrid club-hotel on West 44thStreet in New York, the lobby of the Verizon building on the west side of Manhattan, and renovations to the public spaces in the New York Palace hotel.



Interior Designers We Love: Champalimaud Design


There is no doubt that Alexandra Champalimaud seems to be a talent. The designer won the Gold Key Award for reviving the Algonquin Hotel and has contributed her bold delicacy to the Drake, the Hotel Bel-Air, the Waldorf Astoria, the Pierre, and other top hotels across the globe. At the same time, she made ripples with her inspired work with restaurants and spas, collaborated with the likes of the Rug Company and Holland & Sherry and executed inspired residences of the highest calibre.



The office of Alexandra Champalimaud has incredible energy because people are actually happy. It’s work, of course, but all the team are elevating their lives every day through the world they do. Alexandra herself is always looking to hold a positive attitude, which goes hand in hand with a sense of survival. What is more, she likes to surround herself with people of diverse backgrounds, who are culturally sensitive, and naturally artistic and creative. This mix creates a stimulating work environment where everyone has something different and important to share. The designer is present in the office every week because of the wish to be deeply involved in every project and closely connected with designers on the creative journey.






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