Regal Retreat | Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh

Regal Retreat | Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh

November 30, 2023

The Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh at Kingdom Centre stands as a beacon of refined opulence and cultural celebration. Its imminent transformation unveils a mesmerizing blend of heritage and modernity, inviting guests into a realm where Saudi Arabia’s rich legacy intertwines seamlessly with contemporary luxury. This architectural marvel, housed within the city’s tallest building, is undergoing a visionary revamp, orchestrated by the esteemed design firm Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA) in collaboration with Four Seasons. This metamorphosis is more than a mere renovation; it’s a narrative woven through exquisite design elements that honor Saudi heritage.



The forthcoming interiors pay homage to the Kingdom’s storied past, drawing inspiration from traditional motifs reimagined in a contemporary context. Crafted in partnership with local artisans and Alwaleed Philanthropies, the art panels adorning the lobby offer a tantalizing glimpse into the intricate beauty of historic adobe homes, setting the stage for a visual symphony that resonates throughout the property.



Upon entering the lobby, guests are enveloped in an ethereal ambiance, illuminated by celestial lighting fixtures reminiscent of the moon’s symbolic significance in Saudi culture. A symphony of sculptural trees intertwines light, glass, and design, creating an unparalleled sensorial journey that leads to corridors adorned with heritage-inspired lighting fixtures and signage, guiding guests through a seamless fusion of tradition and innovation. The guest rooms themselves are a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and thoughtful design. Drawing inspiration from Riyadh’s translation as “garden,” two distinct color palettes infuse vibrancy into these spaces. Shades of green and turquoise dominate, complemented by bespoke wooden engravings showcasing historic tribal patterns. Handcrafted accessories and tufted leather upholstery evoke an air of refined luxury, while custom-patterned lanterns in bathrooms pay homage to the Bedouin-style living tradition, casting an evocative play of light and shadow.










Amidst this lavish tapestry, the spa treatment offerings at the Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh stand as a testament to unparalleled indulgence. The Facial Massage, a harmonious blend of relaxation and rejuvenation, takes center stage in this sanctuary of wellness. Amidst an ambiance of serene tranquility, skilled therapists employ techniques that transcend mere pampering; they are a symphony of touch, easing away stress and revitalizing the spirit.






The Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh at Kingdom Centre, with its forthcoming renaissance that melds heritage-inspired design and contemporary luxury, beckons discerning travelers into a world where every element narrates a tale of artistic finesse and cultural immersion. It’s not just a hotel; it’s a living canvas that promises an extraordinary experience—one that transcends the ordinary and resonates with the soul of Saudi Arabia’s magnificent heritage.