Spring-Summer Trends 2022

Spring-Summer Trends 2022

April 19, 2021

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After some time experiencing a new way of living as the result of this unexpected pandemic we have started to adapt to a new normal and have different needs. Experiencing the world and seeing things with new eyes made us change our habits rather quickly but we still need and want to experience life. Interior design and fashion usually change according to seasons or social events but now more than ever we see these changes in habits leading us to new trends for spring-summer of 2022. CovetED brings you all about the spring-summer trends of 2022, are you ready? 


Spring-Summer Trends 2022


Maybe these trends represent the need people have to embrace the warmth of the outdoors after spending so much time indoors. Collectively we are feeling nostalgia for simpler and mellower times, for easy sunny days. Let’s create space for what we need, let’s create trends that will serve us and help us go through these times together and come back better from the experience. 


70’s RETRO 


Spring-Summer Trends 2022


Colours are a reflection and a sign of times and so this year we will see mature yet hot and bold colours choices. On the colder spectrum side, we go from emerald green to dark blue hues and on the warmer side of things we have burnt orange and mustard yellow hues. Hot, bold and earthy colours are the choices for designers in 2022. These trends can also be seen in other details from the use of patterns to the use of design features such as geometric forms and furniture with rounded shapes. 



Spring-Summer Trends 2022


 This year has been very out of the ordinary for everyone and came with a lot of changes within our everyday lives. Most of us now spend the entire day at home, eating, working, exercising and relaxing, everything within the same walls. With this in mind, we saw and continue to see an interest in investing in home offices, flexible spaces and even applying the same principle to the way we dress. So you want to be versatile and adaptable, either at home feeling fresh and with a healing space or with your own clothes knowing you can be comfortable and still go from inside to outside at any given moment.




Spring-Summer Trends 2022


An increasing need to bring nature to our indoors has been developing a wellness mood, choosing conscious and sustainable elements such as wood, stone, bamboo and so many other organic materials that will give your design a natural feeling. Using organic materials gives us the ability to reconnect and strengthen the human-nature connection we all need in order to increase our wellness. With so many of us living in crowded cities where outdoor pollution levels are on the rise and stress is an emerging disease embracing the use of more organic materials will improve our overall wellbeing and has been proved to reduce mental fatigue and improve our attention and focus. 



Spring-Summer Trends 2022


Minimalism is all about giving attention to the essential forms and elements, which makes them the most important. So as they are the key elements they should be detailed oriented, perfect and of high quality. Items should have a touch of luxury, focused on being special like being made by hand and with purer materials. Refined and colder colours are a way to help complement these trend, like stone, metals and brass, is the most favourite elements. It’s the “less is more” approach that makes it perfect for these new times or we want to focus on what is really important.



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