Top 5 European Luxury Boutique Hotels

Top 5 European Luxury Boutique Hotels

October 11, 2019


If you like to travel but love to stay at luxury hotels that are not only a place for bed & breakfast, CovetED Magazine selected top 5 luxury boutique hotels in Europe that will make your day. They are incredible for the bespoke interior decor but also for the comfort that allows their guests feel home, even when thousands of miles away from home. Get to know these top 5 boutique hotels in Europe that you will want to book a stay right now.

#1 Vila Joya – Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal

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Two-star Michelin cuisine, superb spa and wondrous deluxe rooms, all of them set on top of cliffs overlooking the sea may – at least for some of us – be the definition of heaven itself. And this heaven-like retreat, Vila Joya, is located in Portugal’s famous Algarve.

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The location feels less like a hotel and more like a private villa, and comes with matching decor. The lush palm gardens close to the beach and the myriad contemplation places give Vila Joya the flair of a hedonistic retreat.


#2 La Granja – Ibiza, Spain

With a vibe of a private retreat, La Granja is a 16th century 10 room farmhouse that has been transformed into a modern and cozy accommodation. The minimalist design, with concrete floors, metal and wood furniture and earthy hues are further enhanced by the pleasant aroma of lavender present everywhere and the decorative springs.

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The bathroom features L’Occitane products and the Bedouin style tent outside brings a spectacular touch on the outside and the possibility of parties, gatherings and meditations.


BRABBU upholstery Malay chair


#3 Perivolas – Santorini, Greece

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The tiny Greek village of Oia, once unknown to the masses, became famous once Perivolas boutique hotel took birth. Now often imitated by so many others around the world, Perivolas still keeps its charm and superiority.

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Comprised of minimalist suites carved out from the cliffs ending with a mesmerizing sea panorama. The setting of the hotel is absolutely stunning, and their gorgeous infiniti pool is probably Perivolas’s most adored part.


#4 Hotel Adriatic – Rovinj, Istria, Croatia

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Both contemporary and chic, Hotel Adriatic is a gem situated on the north side of the Croatian coast, in Rovinj. It’s the city’s oldest hotel, located in a building from 1862. The hotel’s 18 rooms, with walls showing the works of 14 contemporary artists, make for a true boutique hotel atmosphere.


The high ceilings, full wooden floors, big mirrors and huge comfortable beds with tons of pillows and warm subtle lighting create a unique and cozy atmosphere. The ground floor features the Cafe and Brasserie Adriatic, which enhance the general mood of the hotel.


#5 Borgo Santo Pietro – Chiusdino, Tuscany, Italy

Situated deep inside the wonderful region of Tuscany, the Borgo Santo Pietro hotel is a quiet, solitary and romantic location that impresses its guests with a good combination of antique design and high tech sophistication.

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The amazing spa and swimming pool in the Tuscan garden give the place a more energetic vibe, and the pre-loaded iPads received on arrival give everything a cosmopolitan nature.

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