IDAM by Alain Ducasse │ Fine Dining in Luxurious Settings

IDAM by Alain Ducasse │ Fine Dining in Luxurious Settings

December 20, 2022

Written by Salomé Peixoto

IDAM by Alain Ducasse Fine Dining in Luxurious Settings – Food is an intimate form of art as its texture, colors, flavors and aroma incorporate all the senses. Imagine how enriching and sublime the experience will be if all of these are within luxurious and artful settings! Such is the case with the Ducasse Paris restaurants in Qatar located at the iconic Museum of Islamic Art (MIA), and National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ).




A decade of partnership between IN-Q Enterprises (IN-Q), the commercial arm and wholly owned subsidiary of Qatar Museums (QM), and Michelin-starred Chef Alain Ducasse has provided an elevated experience in the dining scene with the Ducasse restaurants in Qatar.



One would wonder what could be the tie that binds a museum with a renowned chef as Alain Ducasse. Yves Godard, IN-Q’s Director of F&B Operations shares, “There is a long relation between Alain Ducasse and Qatar Museums based on mutual respect, friendship and shared vision. Each has the same focus on quality and eye for detail and share the passion of providing exceptional and out of the ordinary guest experience.” The Ducasse Paris chefs involved in crafting the menu amongst all the restaurants unanimously agree that they are in the proper settings because for them, food is definitely an art. As Jeremy Cheminade, Executive Chef overseeing all Ducasse Paris chefs in Qatar, said, “Cooking develops extraordinarily high levels of creative expression and can be compared to other artistic disciplines.” The shared vision and conviction that fuses gastronomy and art is the formula for these restaurants’ success in Qatar.

IDAM by Alain Ducasse



Established in 2013, IDAM is the first foray of the Michelin starred restaurateur and “architect of flavours”, Alain Ducasse, into the Middle East. Located on the top floor of MIA, IDAM celebrates an iconic landmark in Qatar in an environment that seamlessly blends local tradition with modernity and offers picture-perfect views of Doha’s skyline. The spectacular view is matched with an exquisite interior created by French designer, Phillipe Starck, fusing modernity with the classics to offer IDAM a dynamic environment with an Arabian touch.





IDAM offers the highest standard of French haute cuisine with the warmest Arabic hospitality. The menu features contemporary Mediterranean dishes with a twist of eclectic Arabian flavours, prepared using fresh and sustainably produced ingredients enhanced with a sophisticated balance of flavors.





IDAM’s loyal patrons, as well as, those who look for new culinary adventures enjoy the rich menu that complement their cultural experience after a visit at the galleries of the iconic MIA.





From an iconic landmark to another, one finds a gem of a pearl at the National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ), Jiwan – where desert meets the sea. New yet so inherent. Refined yet wonderfully relaxed. Jiwan reconnects with the past yet moves forward to the future. It takes one back to Qatar’s culinary roots and reinvents familiar flavours to offer sharing plates that have a sophisticated simplicity. Novel yet comfortingly nostalgic.





Displaying great pride in Qatar and its vision for self-sufficiency, Jiwan’s sustainable menu embraces seasonal homegrown produce. The restaurant’s ever-changing selection of dishes offer guests the freshest ingredients while preserving natural food resources.







Inspired by Qatar’s nature and Bedouin lifestyle, Jiwan’s unique design by prominent architect, Koichi Takada, appeals to the curious explorer who likes to wander through the past to enjoy a new understanding of the world around them. Guests are invited to dine amongst the dunes of Khor Al Adaid (Inland Sea) or experience extraordinary seascape views from the outdoor terrace where they will enjoy a close connection to the sea. Located on the fourth floor of NMoQ, Jiwan is an essential chapter in the museum’s storytelling experience. A dining destination that enables residents and international visitors to truly feel, touch, and taste the essence of Qatar.



Café #999


Café #999 comes back under new management by IN-Q in consultation with Ducasse Paris, with new branding and menu that serves authentic Italian cuisine. It is located at the ground floor of the Fire Station- a contemporary art space located in the heart of Doha committed to supporting artists, curators and the wider public through its residencies and public programmes. A fusion of gastronomy and art, Café #999 is the perfect dining destination at the Fire Station. Envisioned by Interior Designer Helene Bonte to be a happy place with endless possibilities, Café #999 is an open canvas to artists. Creative minds are welcome to design its soul. With an inspiring culinary space designed by artists and creatives, and a compendium of classic Italian dishes, Café #999 presents a one-of-a-kind dining experience.





To complete Café #999’s contemporary look, the restaurant’s interiors and furniture are inspired by retro art with a splash of pop-art patterns and colors. Bonte came up with this design by letting the environment tell its story. While working on the design, she envisioned “a beautiful popular park, some retro architectural elements and many art prints everywhere”. These inspirations define Café’ #999’s genre – POP ART.





Phil Lawrie, IN-Q’s General Manager has this to say on the diverse concepts of the three restaurants, “Whether it’s at IDAM in MIA, Jiwan at NMoQ or Café #999 at the Fire Station, we work closely with the Ducasse team to develop restaurant concepts that align with each venue’s theme. Within each of the restaurant’s distinct and remarkable settings, guests are welcomed to enjoy culinary delights meticulously crafted by the Ducasse kitchen team.”







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