Remodel Your Home Decor with Remarkable Mood Boards from Brabbu


Remodel Your Home Decor with Remarkable Mood Boards from Brabbu

March 22, 2017

Driven by ingenious and awe-inspiring design forces, luxury brand, BRABBU has recently released a new set of mood boards for your home decor, that includes the best designs one ought to use in a certain home division or design trends one must follow in regards to colours and styles, among many others. This came about after the brand’s success of spring and materials mood boards. One thing is guaranteed, in this article, you are bound to find the ultimate sources of inspirations for your dining room and living room decor or even ideas for an upcoming hospitality design project as you will have plenty of options to choose from this ambiences, with astonishing furniture pieces.

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Get-The-Look-10 home decor

Living room set with a pop of color featuring the impressive Inca Armchair, the gold-plated NIKU Floor Light, the robust Bryce Side Table, the balanced Padaung stool and the peaceful Kawai Rug

Get-The-Look-9 home decor

Office decor that is a productivity booster showing the striking Iguazu Armchair, the enchanting Aurum Suspension Light, the enriching Sequoia Center Table and the astounding Yagua Rug.

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Chic dining room design presenting the mythical Nanook Dining Room Chair, the lustrous Horus Suspension Light, the remarkable Orion Cabinet, the geometric patterned Cuzco Rug, and the adaptable Koi Dining Room Table.


Sophisticated bar design demonstrating the gorgeous N20 Bar Chair, the unforgettable Saki Pendant Light and Wall Light, the hand-knotted KOI Rug and the fully upholstered in cotton velvet, Naj Armchair.


Welcoming bedroom design highlighting the gracefully modern Calla Table Light, the fierce Cay Wall Light, the empowering Iris Mirror and the incisive GOBI Rug.


Bold dining room design featuring the royal Bourbon Dining Chair, the hand-tufted Enz Rug, the elegant Agra Dining Table made from marble, and the glistening Naicca Chandelier.


Elegant living room design showcasing the translucent Vellum Suspension Light and Wall Light, the velvety Inca Armchair, the comfy Maasai Sofa, and the harmonious Lallan Centre Table.

Get-The-Look-3 home decor

Mesmerising hotel lobby displaying the transformative Vellum Suspension Light, the magnificent Hera Armchair, and the luxurious Cyrus Table Light.

Get-The-Look-4 home decor

Stylish rooftop bar design with the original Cyrus Table Light, the contemporary Naj Armchair and Bar Chair.

Get-The-Look-5 home decor

Nature inspired living room set exhibiting the durable Sika Sofa, the sculptural Koben Suspension Light, the majestic Mecca Side Table in brass details and the marvelous Etna Rug.

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