Look at these Striking Gold and White Console Table Designs


Look at these Striking Gold and White Console Table Designs

December 20, 2016

Gold and white are two strong colours which when combined together have a tremendous visual impact, an absolute sight for sore eyes. Although this also poses a threat, as these colours on a piece of furniture can concentrate too much attention or may not be suitable for a certain setting. In other words, context is quite a determining factor when selecting furniture. In this article, we are going to display a selection of gold and white console table designs that possess different shapes, forms and styles.


Newton White Console Table by Boca do Lobo – Defying the laws of physics, this console table is a standout piece of furniture with an international desire that distinguishes itself from all the other designs by its futuristic forms.

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console table designs t49-1

On the different side of the spectrum, there is Adam Williams Designs. This geometric console is composed of several tubes in its base, finished in gold and complimented with a clean white surface.

console table designs t75-1

Adam Williams displays another great creation with the Claremont Console Table. Presenting a gold leaf finish, this piece of furniture will contribute towards a sculpted and raw look which is very appealing to a clean space.

console table designs evans-armani-console-table

Armani Casa kept it pretty classy with Evans console by displaying a golden tubing and a clean surface.

console table designs sculpted-geo

The Sculpted Geo console was developed by West Elm and delivers a geometrical structure. The modern drawers are cut from powder-coated brushed metal.



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