CovetED’s Exclusive Interview With Gabriel Bautista, Antro Design

CovetED’s Exclusive Interview With Gabriel Bautista, Antro Design

March 30, 2020

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Gabriel Bautista premiered in Casa Decor in 2018, with an amazing project called “la Rotativa”, this year, the designer surprised us all with an incredible TV Room called “Mainstream”. The purpose was to create a room for the enjoyment of popular culture, broadcast through television. An unreal environment that transports to a space of abstraction, where music, lighting and television are the protagonists. CovetED had the pleasure of discovering more on the project and to speak with Gabriel, an inspirational artist. Keep reading to understand why.


“From my first year at CasaDecor, there was something that infected me and has remained intact since then. The energy of the work. It is by far the hardest work I have ever performed. More than 50 teams working simultaneously.”


CovetED's Exclusive Interview With Gabriel Bautista, Antro Design


“This project has been very special for me, as it is my first 100% own space. The previous two had the specific conditions of the exhibitor mural and the impressive entrance, a project with which I am especially happy. This year, given the limited space I had, I opted to recreate a TV and entertainment room, in which a sofa, a TV and a waitress could be enough to complete the space. TV, powered by the entertainment industry, along with the book “Mainstream Culture” gave me the keys to the final concept.”


CovetED's Exclusive Interview With Gabriel Bautista, Antro Design


Space is called “Mainstream” in honour of mass culture, the culture of entertainment. This culture begins with the cinema, the first manifestations of which are in black and white. “That is why I chose the impressive Calacatta Renoir from Emil Group. I met the material in Italy before it was presented at the fair, and I fell instantly in love”. No other ceramic house has such a beta in black and white, so in addition to supporting my concept, it would be giving the touch of exclusivity that I like to bring in each of my projects.




“With this base in black and white the project begins. The next step of cinema is colour reproduction, and this is possible thanks to RGB, and that is why these three colours, red, green and blue, appear in a massive and forceful way in space. (…) , In the end, I have achieved an eclectic space, risky, but in reality, everyone is awakened by a smile. It is a fun, relaxed space where people want to stay, and that is without a doubt the best of all.


CovetED's Exclusive Interview With Gabriel Bautista, Antro Design


Sustainability is a major key in the interior design world. “Sustainability is vital. We can not ignore that we consume natural resources that are finite and that also do not regenerate if not through centuries or even millennia in some cases. The impact that we are generating is undeniable and it is our obligation to create with a conscience.”, he said.


“The Emil Group porcelain tile is made from natural products, and the firm constantly invests in improving its manufacturing processes to minimize the impact. In addition, its terrazzo, the one we have in the entrance hall, is a revolution in porcelain flooring. This flooring is inserted in a base that allows us to place it with a click, without work, without cement, without consuming water, and saving time and labour. Also if you want to remove it, it does not generate rubble. There are no residues neither in their placement nor in their removal, and that makes it the most environmentally friendly of all the porcelain tiles on the market.”


CovetED's Exclusive Interview With Gabriel Bautista, Antro Design


When asked about what is the main secret for his successful career, the designer claimed “I discovered then that people want that from you, they want those ideas and that when you present them well-founded when you explain their economic and constructive viability, they go on an adventure with you and it’s wonderful. Another fact for my basic is the treatment of your trades, suppliers and even employees. Little is said about them as if they were not part of the process, and I can assure you that not having the right equipment makes any project a ruin. I am an ogre at my job. I am excessively meticulous and I have a millimetre eye that makes me detect any failure, no matter how small. There are many ways to verbalize these failures, and if I were rude or disrespectful, no one would want to work with me.”, he claimed.


CovetED's Exclusive Interview With Gabriel Bautista, Antro Design


Gabriel Bautista López is the founder of Antro Design. Gabriel studied technical architecture at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena. Knowing the importance of communication, and being a field in which he feels comfortable, he ends up developing an interior design section in the magazine “Contigo” of the Comarcal TV chain and is elected director of the CODIDRM communication department.


CovetED's Exclusive Interview With Gabriel Bautista, Antro Design

Project by Antro Design


William Morris is a big inspiration in the world of interior design.  “At the end of the 19th century and with the industrial revolution in full swing, William Morris created the Arts and Crafts style, a style that wanted to break the falsehood of what was being created at that time. Moved by the euphoria of an already very consumerist society, the factories spit out products that “looked” like silver, and people who could not access silver economically had chrome plaques at home that simulated it. To achieve this counterfeiting, assembly lines were required in factories where even children worked in subhuman conditions, all to obtain low-quality products that only fed the ego of those who could not otherwise access the real and coveted product.”, he admitted.


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