Nikkei Nine Restaurant: A Food and Design Experience

Nikkei Nine Restaurant: A Food and Design Experience

November 4, 2021


At CovetED, we love to show you the best and newest luxury experiences. The Nikkei Nine Restaurant is not only that: it blends an amazing environment with design, food, and even cultures: they beautifully mix Japanese and Peruvian flavors.  Located in Hamburg, one of the main cities in Germany, this incredible design restaurant by Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten is famous for its food’s excellence, influenced by different continents’ gastronomies.


Got curious? Don’t despair, we’ll show you everything!


The Concept



The idea begins in the name: NIKKEI represents the culinary direction of the restaurant, while the number nine is considered highly positive in the Japanese culture and was therefore added to the name. In Japan, nine hours is the length of a good night of sleep. Additionally, the number nine represents the highest level of economically achievable success and the ideal number of people at a table in restaurants



Coincidentally the street number 9 of the previous Doc Cheng’s serves as a connection between the innovative future and the traditional heritage of the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten at the Inner Alster Lake. This clear connection represents the thought of longevity and an exclusive restaurant concept.



The Food



If you’ve never heard of the Japanese-Peruvian cuisine, now it’s your time. The so-called Nikkei Cuisine has been rising globally since it was born in the kitchens of Japanese immigrants in South America. Using surprising combinations and intense flavors, the Nikkei Cuisine presents s style that complements the Japanese fine sense of classically elegant dishes by adding cheerful, hearty Peruvian elements.



Whether it is possible to find tartar from Wagyu steak from the southernmost tip of Japan, or pickled scallops, which are given a whole new taste thanks to Peruvian elements. Food is grilled over an open fire on the Japanese Robata grill in a walk-in show kitchen. To complete the gastronomic experience, the Nikkei Nine has a bar where it is possible to enjoy unusual, Japanese-Peruvian cocktail creations, exquisite champagne and sake.



The focus of the innovative concept is the restaurant’s theatre kitchen that is accessible for guests, to have the possibility to enjoy the meal being coked by the most talented professionals. Furthermore, a double-loaded bar, that creates amazing cocktails as well as dinner can be served, brings additional value to the restaurant


The Design



And, of course, exotic high-quality food asks for an exotic luxurious design. The new restaurant NIKKEI NINE is decorated entirely in shades of gold, cognac, amber and black. Created by General Manager Ingo C. Peters and his Executive Team, the interior concept of Nikkei Nine chose a statement piece Boca do Lobo to mark its presence right at the entrance.



Perfectly connecting with the vibe and concept of Nikkei Nine, the Boca do Lobo’s Bohème Safe embodies the spirit of true adventurers who choose to live an unconventional lifestyle, born as a unique piece that traveled around the world. It has seen the cherry trees blooming in Japan, and this is what makes it so suitable for this project



Comprising a collection of vintage suitcases in the interwar style that capture different events, nations and ideas, the Bohème cabinet is comprised of six polished brass briefcases, each one possessing its drawer with an interior that can be fully customized.


Bohème Luxury Safe

Boca do Lobo




As part of the Private Collection by Boca do Lobo, the most exclusive and luxurious of all, this piece is created to keep the most precious items and secrets, being now a centre piece in one of the best kept gastronomic and design secrets in the world.