Modern Indulgence | Mesiba NYC Restaurant’s Culinary Delights

Modern Indulgence | Mesiba NYC Restaurant’s Culinary Delights

November 13, 2023

Embracing the vibrant essence of Tel Aviv, Mesiba emerges as a culinary haven, drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of Levantine cuisine. Situated within the recently unveiled Moxy Williamsburg, the restaurant is a collaborative creationbetween Bar Lab Hospitality and Mitchell Hochberg of Lightstone. Mesiba, which translates to party in Hebrew, finds its roots in the treasured childhood memories of Bar Lab Hospitality’s Elad Zvi, encapsulating the convivial spirit of the Levant’s diverse flavors.



At the helm of Mesiba’s culinary journey is Israeli chef Eli Buli, who honed his craft under the tutelage of renowned chef Yonatan Roshfeld at the esteemed Herbert Samuel restaurant in Tel Aviv. The restaurant, open daily for dinner, serves as a homage to the melting pot of Levant cuisine, blending flavors from Israel, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, Palestine, and the Eastern Mediterranean. Chef Buli’s innovative creations offer a melange of communal-style dishes, including the traditional Moroccan Frena Bread, the locally cured Fluke Crudo, and the Yemeni Pancake-based Lamb Neck.




Mesiba stands as the debut signature restaurant in New York for Bar Lab Hospitality, an endeavor that has been a dream for its founders. Recognized for their establishments in Miami, LA, and Chicago, including The Broken Shaker and Margot Natural Wine Bar, the group is acclaimed for their gracious hospitality and inventive culinary experiences.







Complementing the captivating culinary experience are the meticulously curated wine selections by Aviram Turgeman and the imaginative cocktail creations by Beverage Director Christine Wiseman. The restaurant’s ambiance, meticulously designed by Basile Design Studios and Mad Artistic/Bar Lab Creative, embodies the spirited culture of Tel Aviv with Bauhaus-inspired architecture and a dynamic atmosphere. The vibrant greenery, globe lights, and the curved marble bar all contribute to an atmosphere of conviviality and eclectic Levantine inspiration. Mesiba beckons guests to partake in a flavorsome odyssey through the Levant, embracing the vibrant culture and culinary traditions that are steeped in the region’s rich history and contemporary vibrancy.


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