Lysée | A Must-Visit Pastry Boutique in the Flatiron District, NYC

Lysée | A Must-Visit Pastry Boutique in the Flatiron District, NYC

November 11, 2023

Discover Lysée (pronounced lee-zay), a newly established pastry boutique by the creative genius Chef Eunji Lee, nestled within the vibrant confines of the Flatiron District. Infused with a captivating fusion of French, Korean, and New York City influences, Lysée stands as a confectionary homage to culinary art.



A Mélange of Cultural Influences: Where Art Meets Pastry

Chef Eunji Lee, the visionary behind Lysée, embarked on her pastry journey in France, where she honed her craft in prestigious culinary institutions and trained alongside the industry’s finest. Her encounter with Korean traditional roofing tiles, known as Giwa, became a muse, inspiring the boutique’s emblem and serving as a symbolic representation of both New York’s diversity and the enchantment of dessert. Juxtaposing vintage wooden beams from Korea with nacre (‘Jagae’), a traditional Korean material, Chef Lee artfully interweaves Korean heritage with modern New York design in the dessert gallery. The result is a harmonious blend of cultures displayed in a landmark area of the city.



The Culinary Artistry of Chef Eunji Lee and Matthieu Lobry

Chef Eunji Lee’s illustrious journey led her to pioneering achievements in the pastry realm, including her distinguished tenure as Executive Pastry Chef at Jungsik, a renowned two Michelin-starred modern Korean restaurant in New York. Her innovative creations, notably the signature dessert “Baby Banana,” have earned her widespread acclaim, recognized as the ‘Rising Star Pastry Chef in NY’ and honored with the ‘Art of Presentation’ by Starchefs. Her partner, Chef Matthieu Lobry, hailing from Paris, boasts a rich history in French culinary expertise. From his remarkable training at the illustrious Le Meurice to his subsequent success at Cheval Blanc Hotel, crowned with three Michelin stars, Lobry’s skills in the pastry domain are as diverse as they are prestigious.





A Flourishing Union: Building Culinary Dreams in New York

Their love story intertwines with their shared passion for pastry arts, culminating in the inception of Lysée in the Flatiron District. Since its opening, Lysée has garnered prestigious accolades, including recognition as one of La Liste’s Pastry Talents of the Year 2023 and a place among Food and Wine’s Best New Chefs of 2023. Lysée stands not just as a pastry boutique but as a celebration of artistry, culture, and a testament to the unyielding dedication of Chef Eunji Lee and Chef Matthieu Lobry in crafting a captivating culinary experience in the heart of New York City.


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