Inside Zero Bond | NYC’s Private Club Experience

Inside Zero Bond | NYC’s Private Club Experience

November 14, 2023

In the ever-evolving narrative of New York City’s social scene, a new name has emerged as the talk of the town—Zero Bond. This exclusive private club located in the thriving Noho neighborhood has taken the city by storm, welcoming a parade of distinguished guests, including soon-to-be Mayor Eric Adams and celebrities like Kim Kardashian West and Pete Davidson. Zero Bond is more than just a private club; it’s a carefully designed space that spans two floors and 20,000 square feet, offering an environment that seamlessly merges work and leisure. Its allure seems to be rooted in the context of income inequality and beckons individuals who exude an air of resounding success.



To gain entry to this elusive establishment, one must fulfill several criteria, including a membership fee that scales with age and requires a letter of recommendation, a recent photo, and the completion of a meticulous application. What’s key is a high level of integrity and an ability to contribute to the Zero Bond community. Scott Sartiano, the club’s founder, aims to create an environment where success finds its place. His vision for Zero Bond is a space where affluent individuals feel at ease, whether it’s for work, leisure, or simply mingling. In this vision, exclusivity isn’t defined by wealth alone; it’s about fostering a safe and harmonious environment.






While Zero Bond might not carry the name recognition of a Soho House, in the ever-evolving narrative of New York City, it’s a space where aspirations and dreams can come to life. With recent noteworthy visits from celebrities and prominent figures, combined with enticing food offerings and a lineup of stellar drinks, Zero Bond is catching attention for all the right reasons. While the club’s involvement in public programs remains uncertain, Zero Bond stands as a testament to the ultimate piece that perfectly fits into the puzzle of city living. In the midst of a city that constantly moves, the club offers that vital equilibrium between living, working, and reveling in all that the city has to offer. Zero Bond is not just a club; it’s the missing piece that completes the city living experience.




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