Avra Estiatorio in Miami | A Culinary Odyssey of Refined Greek Cuisine

Avra Estiatorio in Miami | A Culinary Odyssey of Refined Greek Cuisine

January 26, 2024

In the heart of Miami, Avra Estiatorio stands as a beacon of refined Greek cuisine, offering patrons a transcendent experience that goes beyond the ordinary. With a commitment to pure ingredients, simple preparations, and a nod to the founder’s coastal Greek roots, Avra has become synonymous with an elevated dining experience that transports guests to the whitewashed islands of Greece.

Avra’s tale begins in the picturesque coastal village of Nafpaktos, where co-founder Nick Tsoulos spent his formative years surrounded by the bounty of the sea. Regular family fishing expeditions yielded a treasure trove of local seafood, from fagri and dorado to octopus and red mullet. These fresh catches were transformed into delectable dishes that formed the centerpiece of long, leisurely family dinners.




The culinary traditions of grilling fish over charcoals or drizzling it with olive oil from the family farm, accompanied by garden-fresh salads, spinach pies, and other home-cooked delights, left an indelible mark on Tsoulos. This rich heritage became the inspiration for Avra, a haven for simple Greek dishes crafted from the finest ingredients and exceptionally fresh seafood.





Avra’s first location in Midtown East, New York, opened its doors in 2000, and after 16 years of success, a second Avra emerged on East 60th Street. Since then, the Avra footprint has expanded to include Beverly Hills, Miami, and Rockefeller Center, becoming a go-to destination for industry titans and celebrities alike. Drawing inspiration from the seaside tavernas lining Greece’s coast and islands, Avra’s chic restaurants exude a sophisticated charm. The menu, a testament to Nick Tsoulos’s familial culinary legacy, features unadulterated cuisine where olive oil, sea salt, pristine seafood, and fresh vegetables take center stage.




Avra’s commitment to fresh fish is evident in the array of choices, ranging from familiar favorites like branzino and black sea bass to rare Mediterranean gems such as fagri, lithrini, and wild branzino. A signature Avra experience involves selecting your seafood from an enticing ice display showcasing the season’s catch. Culinary delights at Avra extend beyond seafood, with vegetable-centric dishes like the classic horiatiki salad and spinach rice complementing the menu. Traditional Greek and Mediterranean desserts, including olive oil and walnut cakes, baklava, and custard, are meticulously baked in-house daily. A bestseller across all locations is the French vanilla ice cream, infused with Tahitian vanilla beans, providing a sweet conclusion to the Avra culinary journey.

In Avra Estiatorio, Miami has found more than just a restaurant; it has discovered a portal to the refined flavors and traditions of Greece. With each bite, patrons embark on a culinary odyssey, savoring the essence of Nafpaktos and the rich heritage that defines Avra’s commitment to excellence in Greek cuisine.