Todd Tragash Unveils the Mediterranean Elegance of Avra Miami Restaurant Interiors

Todd Tragash Unveils the Mediterranean Elegance of Avra Miami Restaurant Interiors

February 1, 2024

Written by: Amândio Filipe Pereira

In an exclusive interview with CovetED Magazine, Todd Tragash, Principal of STA Architectural Group, shared captivating insights into the creation of the Avra Miami Restaurant. Collaborating with AVRA co-founders, Nick Tsoulos and Nick Pashalis, Tragash described the project as a seamless blend of classic modern and traditional elements, crafting a casual yet elegant ambiance.

“AVRA Miami’s style is a seamless blend of classic modern and traditional elements, creating a casual yet elegant ambiance,” Tragash explained. The exterior boasts a traditional Mediterranean design with arched facades and travertine accents, smoothly transitioning into the interior. The play between modern bronze grillwork and traditional pergolas complements large-scale stone artworks. Natural wood and light-toned fabric enhance the banquettes and table seating, creating a lush interior mirroring the exterior terrace.



Reflecting on what he loves most about the Avra Miami project, Tragash highlighted its stunning location, nestled in a Mediterranean-style villa facing the Atlantic Ocean between two luxurious residential towers. As an architect, staying attuned to industry trends is crucial. Tragash shared his approach, stating, “We find inspiration through travel, recently exploring Lisbon, Vancouver, and Malibu. These journeys expose us to diverse design expressions and the latest culinary trends.”



Attending major international events further informs their designs. “We actively participate in Art Basel – Miami Beach, CASACOR Bolivia, Xiamen Stone Fair, and Marmo+mac Verona,” Tragash mentioned, emphasizing the importance of staying connected to the global design community. Miami itself serves as a perpetual muse for Tragash. “Miami, my birthplace, is a constant source of inspiration—its natural environment, resort-style architecture, and the cultural blends,” he shared. The unique expression of diversity in Miami’s architecture and interior design guides Tragash to capture local character while blending it with the client’s and project’s personality.








The interview also provided a glimpse into the future endeavors of STA Architectural Group. “We’ve just begun collaborating with an internationally acclaimed chef for their inaugural US location in the Wynwood district,” Tragash revealed. Excited about the opportunity to design a unique environment for the chef and his team, the project promises innovation in line with Miami’s dynamic culinary scene. Reflecting on his firm’s journey, Tragash expressed pride in STA Architectural Group’s nearly 40 years of establishment. Looking ahead, the goal is continuous evolution, embracing technological advances while respecting design traditions and historical references.



Among Tragash’s favorite projects, the Miami Culinary Institute stands out. Designed for Miami Dade College at their Wolfson Campus in downtown Miami, the project reflects the city’s rapid development. The collaboration with a childhood friend, Doug Duda, resulted in a multi-level culinary arts facility with rich materiality and color, offering picturesque views of Biscayne Bay and the port of Miami.

Todd Tragash’s interview unveils the narrative behind the Mediterranean elegance of Avra Miami, blending tradition and modernity seamlessly in a picturesque setting that captures the essence of Miami’s architectural and cultural diversity.