The Campana Brothers has launched Barroca collection

The Campana Brothers has launched Barroca collection

November 5, 2015

A few weeks ago the Campana Brothers launched Barroca collection and celebrated their 10 year partnership with Melissa. The world renowned furniture designers Humberto and Fernando Campana once again united fashion and design in an exhibition opened at Galeria Melissa in October 2015.

The Campana Brothers has launched Barroca collection

What do we know about Melissa?

Founded in 1979, Melissa is the world’s first makers of jelly shoes. Their ubiquitous Aranha shoe, meaning spider in Portuguese, was originally inspired by French fishermen. Brothers Pedro and Alexandre Grendene founded the company, having been working together producing plastic packaging since 1971. The company has manufactured over 170 million pairs of shoes with over 600 products being released per year.

The Campana Brothers has launched Barroca collection


The exhibition was an immersive space with luxurious wallpaper featuring the Campana Brother’s signature ‘mesh’ covers floors, walls and ceilings creating disorientation and texture. As a matter of fact, the design includes references to iron and bronze works through florals, angels and wings along with novel elements including barrettes, scissors, screws, and nature forms including insects, birds and lizards.

The Campana Brothers has launched Barroca collection

The foyer area immediately drew visitors into the dreamy world of Campana with an impressive ornate PAMPHILJ ceiling lamp in gilded bronze. The LED screens created by Muti Randolph, the same designer and architect who developed the concept of Galeria Melissa London, included moving elements of inspiration from the Melissa Campana Barroca shoe collection.

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“The amazing Melissa Campana Barroca lines plays with the traditional baroque architectural ornaments, mixing within it unexpected and playful contemporary elements. I’ve used very high resolution digital models of the shoes to create animated compositions that are at the same time very baroque and contemporary, classic and hypnotic. I also explored the reflections offered by the entrance permanent video installation, also designed by me that sometimes multiply the shoes, already multiplied in the animation, infinitely.” – Muti Randolph

The Campana Brothers has launched Barroca collection

Moreover, this exhibition celebrated the launch of the Campana’s latest capsule collection, Barroca, taking inspiration from Campana’s innovative work with unexpected combinations of mundane materials formed into objects that celebrate the discarded. Their work focuses on traditional Brazilian characteristics such as colour, creative chaos and eclectic mixes interpreted into refined works.The Campana Brothers has launched Barroca collection

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