High style Suvlaki Restaurant in London

High style Suvlaki Restaurant in London

July 30, 2015

In 1950 Suvlaki shops opened all around Greece, now it’s time for the United Kindgom. Suvlaki, is an Athenian Grill restaurant in London, situated on 21 Bateman St. serving Greek food. What exactly the world is referring to? Suvlaki is a meat skewer grilled over charcoal that can be eaten on its own or in a pita, known widely as a national Greek street food.

Covetedition-High style Suvlaki Restaurant in London-Suvlaki with fries

The entrepreneurs Yannis Theodorakakos and Michael Kantartzis have a goal to change the outdated perception of their National cooking and give it a new frame with the restaurant in Soho that focuses on the amazing and widely-known Athenian street snack, suvlaki. . ‘Gone are the days of the Greek tavern and plate smashing,’ says interior designer Afroditi Krassa, who put her talent into work in this small space. That woman launched numerous product collections and won more than 25 awards for her interior design works. In 2010 she was awarded Designer of the Year by Elle Deco.

Covetedition-High style Suvlaki Restaurant in London-Suvlaki restaurant

Covetedition-High style Suvlaki Restaurant in London- London Restaurant


In the restaurant the casual dining tables are set against a wall, lined with raw stone pillars, while the palette of whites and blues (mostly turquoise) give the room and impression of intimacy and subtle atmosphere. Also, the designer’s elegant Pentagon pendant lamps on the celling are helpful for the chiefs to create their meat masterpieces for many clients. Those who created this place share an obsession with good food that is, first of all, fresh and healthy. The chief  – Eliad Marnalakis is a well-known person when it comes to the culinary scene of Athens. He is one of the most popular TV and media personalities, that has published nine books.

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The restaurant’s website presents to us some important facts on the science behind a preparation of the perfect suvlaki. The meat is always delivered fresh and is precisely chosen. They use a robata-style grill and top quality charcoal, without any chemicals or additives. Just pure, highly carbonized wood.

Covetedition-High style Suvlaki Restaurant in London-Suvlaki


In the menu we can chose between skewer or wraps as a main course. As for the Suvlaki Skewers – we have pork, chicken thighs, lamb mince, wild boar sausage (straight from the Fotiadis farm on Mount Olympus) or – good news for animal lovers – vegetarian.

Covetedition-High style Suvlaki Restaurant in London-ouzo

They are as well very proud when it comes to their signature dishes – Pork Tenderloin Suvlaki, Lamb shoulder suvlaki, greek burgers stuffed with feta, pita burger with lemon mustard and as a perfect finale of the list – Suvlaki Exuberance, for two people to share that is a choice of two skewers, two mini wraps, four sides and a pita burger. They also serve salads, snacks, and drinks, within which we can find a traditional Greek OUZO – an aniseed-flavoured aperitif consumed daily in their beautiful country.

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