Covet London Has New Bespoke Furniture Pieces

Covet London Has New Bespoke Furniture Pieces

October 21, 2019

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Covet London is a private showflat in the heart of one of the world’s greatest design capitals: London. This place intends to offer an intimate design experience, since it is decorated as a real home. For this reason, it was conceived with different collections of furniture, lighting and accessories from top luxury brands, which, together with the most experienced professionals, are ready to inspire all the visitors. Dare yourself to see beyond what your eyes capture when looking at the most exquisite and exclusive furniture pieces you have ever seen. You will be guided along the visit so you can also understand the amazing stories behind the pieces. The best news is that there is a completely new list of products displaying at Covet London waiting for your visit. Don’t wait longer and scroll down to meet the flat and learn how you can schedule your visit. We promise it will be memorable.




Covet London Has New Bespoke Furniture Pieces 1


The ultra modern dining room features a very sophisticated style with the powerful Fortuna dining table from Boca do Lobo, surrounded by two elegant Number 11 dining chairs, also from Boca do Lobo, and four bespoke Charla dining chairs from Luxxu.




Covet London Has New Bespoke Furniture Pieces 1


In the living room, you see a mid-century modern style, in which the softness of the sofa and armchairs stand out. It is cozy, inviting and, above all, very sophisticated. To complete the coziness and warmth of the room, and to bring all the colours and shapes together, you have the graceful Heron rug from Rug’Society.


Covet London Has New Bespoke Furniture Pieces 1


This wonderful set is composed by the light blue Oreas Velvet Sofa from Brabbu, with a modern contemporary style, side by side with the Mecca Side Table, also from Brabbu, bringing the Nature’s fierceness into the room and filling it with a strong personality.


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Behind the sofa, and just like the sun, you have the Apollo mirror from Boca do Lobo with a contemporary design, above the modern Kyan Console from Brabbu. Matching with the gold sun, you have the yellow Shield side table from Boca do Lobo, which brings a flash of colour into the ambiance.


Covet London Has New Bespoke Furniture Pieces 1


Above, the contemporary elegance reaches its highest level with the stunning velvet Naj Armchair from Brabbu, together with the acrylic Monet Side Table from Boca do Lobo. The corridor gets a completely new life with the Veneto Mirror, also from Boca do Lobo.



Covet London Has New Bespoke Furniture Pieces 1


The mid-century modern style stands out with this vintage Anthony Sideboard from Essential Home together with the exquisite Turner Table Lamp from DelightFULL and the golden Niku Floor light from Brabbu.




Covet London Has New Bespoke Furniture Pieces 1


When you look at this contemporary office decor, you immediately see the powerful black Boulevard Diamond Desk from Boca do Lobo. The also powerful and black leather chair is Dukono armchair from Brabbu. Guests can also sit extremely comfortably on the sophisticated Charma small office chair from Luxxu or on the black & gold Armour Stool from Luxxu. On the desk, you have Miles table lamp from DelightFULL and on the back, you have the elegant Ike Floor Lamp also from DelightFULL.




Display your favourite drinks on the outstanding Equator Globe Bar from Boca do Lobo that you see on the left corner. On the flour, you have the soft pink Terrazo Rug from Rug’Society, following the Neutrals trend for 2020 and 2021.


Covet London Has New Bespoke Furniture Pieces 1


On the back, the impressive Colecionista Bookcase from Boca do Lobo adds functionality to the office. But a functionality perfectly merged with an outstanding and unique design. It is a customizable bookshelf and it speaks for itself. It has so many different types of drawers that you loose yourself just admiring it.


If you got curious and want to see these pieces in person, click HERE to book your visit or make an appointment.


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