Arts and Crafts at Maison et Objet 2016

CovetED Arts and Crafts at Maison et Objet 2016 Aurelie Wozniak

Arts and Crafts at Maison et Objet 2016

January 25, 2016

During Maison et Objet the work of Aurélie WOZNIAK will be presented in the CRAFT area and in the trend space of Elizabeth Leriche’s Abécédaire des Métiers d’art. She is presenting for this session three of her techniques on the theme of Winter: pin sculptures, engraved paper, and paper mosaic.

Combining imagination, dexterity and a wide range of technical skills, Aurélie Wozniak is an innovative artist whose universe is enchanting, sensuous, and poetic.

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Aurélie Wozniak has created unique and unrivaled objects for the marketplace of decoration. The originality of her work lies in the diversity of her chosen materials and the techniques she invents to realize her motifs : she paints on stickers to compose her illustrations, embroiders on wood, engraves on paper, sculpts with pins… She applies her innovative techniques to lamps, paintings and sculptures.

She works both as a crafts-person to produce objects in her workshop, and as a designer searching for new methods, concepts, and decorative effects.

CovetED Arts and Crafts at Maison et Objet 2016

It is the search and the unknown that motivates this artist to find new ideas and decors, to meet the challenges she has been given or which she gives herself, using materials and avenues of investigation heretofore uncharted. Aurélie is a trail blazer.


Time and thoroughness are her key words. Patient and precise, the artist will begin an infinite number of trials until she is satisfied with the precise gesture or the right color. Diligent in her workshop, the clock is suspended as she perseveringly places each element one by one until her treasures of form and color emerge.

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To guarantee the authenticity of her work, she numerates each object, with a letter, corresponding to its nature : the nu- mber of elements it was made of (L means Labels, H is Holes and P is Pins), or a number for amount of time it took to produce (HR like hours), or a year of the object’s story (Y).


Creator of original works of art, she imagines and completes her pieces entirely in her workshop. Her range of activity is destined to appeal to collectors, art dealers, decorators and interior designers.

CovetED Arts and Crafts at Maison et Objet 2016 artist

It was during a long voyage to Australia and encounters with underwater world and the desert that she found her inspi- ration and began her chromatic researches and material investigations. Shimmering and iridescent tones predominate in the productions of this artist who creates luminous ambiances of subdued, golden interiors, as well as richly colored pigments and warm tonalities that evoke to her the tropics and the force of the sun.


Inhabited by a world of dreams and enchantment, the artist scatters her creations with luminous points and lines, spin- ning magic with golden and woolen threads. She transforms her materials with motifs conveyed from myth or mystery, inspired by the night and stardust, using the natural world like Ariadne’s thread.
Rock, earth and bark, powdered pigments, minerals, lava and glowing cinders, crystal and ice, all incite the artist’s fas- cination, which are transmitted into her work through tactile stimulation and surprising combinations of materials ; Aurélie is provocative.

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Graduate of the Design Textile-Material-Surface of ESAA Duperré School, Aurélie Wozniak lives and works in Paris and the Loiret, and is an independent worker registered at the Maison des Artistes.


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