Stunning Interior Design With Recycled Plastic

Stunning Interior Design With Recycled Plastic

March 16, 2020

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Did you hear the Antwerp finest interior design news? The eyewear firm Ace & Tate’s shop has interiors clad with terrazzo made with an incredibly colourful recycled plastic that will catch you off-guard, in a good way of course! Ace & Tate joined forces with the sustainable materials company, Plasticiet, for the shop in Belgium as part of their push to practice sustainability more and more effectively. The company intends to become carbon neutral approximately by 2030, but by the end of 2020, all of their glasses will be made from 100% bio acetate – recyclable acetate mixed with bio-based plasticisers instead of oil-based. What do you think about this news? At Coveted we are motivated and inspired to learn more!


Stunning Interior Design With Recycled Plastic© Lennart Wiedemuth


The referred partners, Plasticiet, created by designers Marten van Middelkoop and Joost Dingemans, takes special care to collect the plastic waste and turns it into usable and comfortable amounts of material sheets that look like traditional stone such as marble and granite. Focusing on the Antwerp shop Ace & Tate, they created a terrazzo effect with large chips of bright blues, reds, green and yellow.




Stunning Interior Design With Recycled Plastic© Lennart Wiedemuth


Plasticiet added that the plastic was all gathered from the local area and that they picked out the pieces they wanted to create an appealing colour combination, using nearly 1,000 kilograms for the project. The firm’s commitment to this project is evident: panels of plastic terrazzo cover the walls, arches, shelves and counters of the shop, the visual representation of the recycling process is punctuated with display boxes for the glasses and sunglasses, creating an attractive and informative window display, etc… The role of designers in the issue of reducing the use of virgin plastic to protect the environment is more than important and they should all be an example to follow!


Stunning Interior Design With Recycled Plastic© Lennart Wiedemuth


“We want to inspire others to find long term appliances for materials that are reusable or recyclable rather than misusing the world’s precious materials by readily disposing of them,” pointed Dingeman.



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