Salone del Mobile Milano – beautiful modern rugs by SITAP

Salone del Mobile Milano – beautiful modern rugs by SITAP

April 18, 2016

If you ever ask me what is the most satisfying part of a design journalist work I would say it is meeting a designer in person and hearing the story behind each and every single product told with the incomparable passion only their creator can have. During Salone del Mobile Milano we had a great pleasure to meet Barbara Trombatore, the creative mind behind SITAP – Italian company specialised in fine carpets.

The first look around the stand already filled with bold colours, unique patterns, and luxurious materials gives a hint that all the products displayed there are special and one of a kind. Barbara gave us a special tour sharing her favourite designs.


Rug Diamante from the new collection was inspired by one of the most sensual female garments – fishnet stockings.


Handmade Chantal Beige and Chantal Blue rugs from the new collection are as luxurious as they are elegant, perfect for modern interiors.


Handwoven carpet with an ethnic pattern, made of recycled parts of old Turkish repainted kilims, leather parts and mutton wool parts.


Venere carpet from the new collection, inspired by the beach.

coveted-magazine-salone-del-mobile-milano-visit-to-Sitap_Venus 91X Metallic

This stunning butterfly pattern creates a 3D effect, with the bright areas made of different material than the pattern itself.

coveted-magazine-salone-del-mobile-milano-visit-to-Sitap_Metropolitan Green

Modern rug inspired by the map of Milan metro. Available in 3 colours – green, red and yellow – representing the colours of the metro lines.

coveted-magazine-salone-del-mobile-milano-visit-to-Sitap_Mellimello Milou

Unbelievably soft in touch beautifully colourful, this rug is a perfect choice for a child’s bedroom.

coveted-magazine-salone-del-mobile-milano-visit-to-Sitap_Et De Milan Choco-Brown

Barbara’s sources of inspirations lie in every single detail of the surrounding world – human or nature made. The pattern on this modern rug resembles Milan’s night skyline with Duomo at its centre.

coveted-magazine-salone-del-mobile-milano-visit-to-Sitap_Da Vinci Grey-Tiffany

Hand-knotted carpet inspired by Da Vinci’s work, obtained through assembling parts of old Turkish repainted carpets.


Capriccio rug was specially  designed by the artist Luca Moscariello for SITAP.

coveted-magazine-salone-del-mobile-milano-visit-to-Sitap_Butterfly Sea

Hand tufted carpet made of vegetable silk with asymmetric fringes in beautiful contrasting colours.

coveted-magazine-salone-del-mobile-milano-visit-to-Sitap_Barby Black & White

Handwoven carpet made by assembling parts of old Turkish repainted kilim and a Moldavian kilim.



SARI and ALCHIMIA two rugs made of recycled silk from women clothes imported from India.

Thank you Barbara for a great tour of the stand and all the fascinating information you shared with us about inspirations, techniques and designs.

**Barbara Trombatore lives and works in Piacenza, where she was born. She has worked as a teacher in a private school for several years , while also studying philosophy and art. Drawing and painting are the fields in which she prefers to express herself, and her works have been displayed with success in a number of solo exhibitions. Barbara Trombatore currently runs an art gallery in Piacenza, acts as art director for important artists, is a designer for SITAP and in charge of the company’s Centro Stile.



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