Salone del Mobile 2017 – Iconic Collections and Designs by Knoll


Salone del Mobile 2017 – Iconic Collections and Designs by Knoll

April 6, 2017

Specialising on residential and office furnishing, Italian luxury brand, Knoll is currently presenting a series of new designs and collections at Salone del Mobile 2017. The collaboration with Piero Lissoni is extended through legendary design, such as the Grasshopper and a collection of tables characterised by an amalgamation of modernity and tradition. So, today we will display six striking and amazing pieces that are being showcased at the event.


Grasshopper Table by Piero Lissoni | Photography by Federico Cedrone. Courtesy of Knoll

Furthermore, Lissoni designed the Avio Sofa System which is also on display with new enhancements, namely an innovative system of upholstered furniture with a relaxed and informal style, and Matrioska, a system of open and closed containers of varying geometries, where light and shadow confer lightness and simplicity to the volumes.


Avio Sofa System | Photography by Federico Cedrone. Courtesy of Knoll

“I imagined that Avio could move, responding to the user’s wish for convenience and sociability. For this, I designed a mechanism that is hidden but at the same time appealing, like the detailing of certain motorbikes, and most importantly very easy to use.” – Piero Lissoni

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Matrioska_by_Piero_Lissoni_Knoll_1 salone del mobile 2017

Matrioska Credenza by Piero Lissoni | Photography by Federico Cedrone, Courtesy of Knoll

“Matrioska is a cabinet (credenza) conceived as a container made to house other containers that house things to contain. Each part is visible and reveals its structure in relation to the others, along with its function which is to accommodate and organize.  I thought of it as an open and minimal house with forms one inside the other, a sequence of empty and full spaces. A kind of rulebook of shapes, proportions and dimensions that narrate the way the space can be organized through an orchestration of colors and materials – marble, wood, lacquer and glass.”

Womb_Chair_Relax_by_Eero_Saarinen_16 salone del mobile 2017

Womb Chair by Eero Saarinen | Photography by Ezio Prandini. Courtesy of Knoll

Platner_Gold_Collection_by_Warren_Platner_0160 salone del mobile 2017

Platner Dining Table, Designed by Warren Platner. Courtesy of Knoll

Besides being decorated to the maximum detail, the brand’s stand is also brimming with modern classics designed by Florence Knoll, Mies van der Rohe, Eero Saarinen and Harry Bertoia. The installation, dubbed as “This is Knoll” was actually designed by OMA and highlights various colours, styles, timeless pieces, and an authentic mix of contemporary and classic details.

Knoll_This_Is_Knoll_OMA_Ph_By_Agostino_Osio salone del mobile 2017

This Is Knoll by OMA | Photography by Agostino Osio. Courtesy of Knoll

“Hans and Florence Knoll created a business founded on an unwavering commitment to good design. The goal of our innovation is always timelessness and adaptability – rejecting short-term trends and anticipating the inevitability of change. Our task is to ensure that Knoll remains vital and synonymous with good design for generations to come.” – Andrew Cogan, CEO of Knoll, Inc.

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Source: Knoll