Moroso collection at Salone del Mobile 2016

Moroso collection at Salone del Mobile 2016

April 14, 2016

At this year’s Milan International Furniture Show – Salone del Mobile –  Moroso is presenting nine  collections  by  such  talented  designers  as  Patricia  Urquiola,  Daniel  Libeskind, Alfredo  Haberli,  Doshi&Levien,  Tord  Boontje,  Front,  Edward  van  Vliet, Scholten&Baijings  and  Mermelada,  a  young,  highly  creative  Spanish  firm.  There’s also new, rock ‘n’ roll-style products from the Diesel Living creative team. Visit the stand with CovetED team!

The aesthetic of the Moroso project centres around the concept of the Japanese tokonoma, which is a tearoom alcove for the display of precious and ornamental objects, a raised area with no decorative elements. The prime intention is to maintain the viewer’s attention while conveying a feeling of total harmony.

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Therefore the floor-plan is split into display areas and transit spaces. A geometrically regular division of the space which includes the tokonomas, which are delimited by raised platforms and protected by panels of sheer, coloured fabric as if they, too, were objects placed there to transmit understanding of a particular moment.

Special attention has therefore been given to the choice of the fabric and its colour so that the interplay of transparency and colour shades gives the viewer the impression that each display space is connected to the next one, yet, in spite of this, that each dedicated space is seen as a frame for the desired image. Furthermore, the overlapping panels create an illusion of great depth and spaciousness, thus enabling the display’s informality and an absolute, free prospective vision approach.

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Patricia Urquiola designs a sofa for Moroso with open forms, unbound by rigid lines. Comfort and softness above all else.

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An open-source sofa, a design choice that favours the comfort of the seat, which seeks to look and feel softer and cosier than ever. The structure is encircled in knitted belts that interweave with the soft cushions, inducing a state of pure relaxation. The folded covering emphasises the carefree, undefined shape, further accentuated by the use of knitted fabric for the belts that hold it in place. A destructured sofa with an unusual formation: the aluminium frame can be freely assembled, combining the different components, which work together to offer a variety of harmonious customizations.


Daniel Libeskind’s Gemma Collection for Moroso is an exercise in architecture on a small-scale— space, proportions, texture, color and comfort are paramount. The Gemma collection was developed around the idea of contrast and experience derived from the perception of a shape. The sharp asymmetry of its three-dimensional geometry contrasts the softness of the upholstery. The multi-faceted profile is reminiscent of both a precious gemstone and of the compositions typical of fifteenth century Italian tapestries. The collection represents a synergy between the complex geometries of Libeskind and the well-known expertise of Moroso.

Moroso collection at Salone del Mobile 2016 (1)

Senegal-O Chair – “The idea for the Senegal-O chair came from a dreamcatcher that my daughter Evie had made for my birthday. I liked the pattern and that it could be made with such simple means. It reminded me of the possibilities we have in Senegal: to weave by hand on a simple fame. I imagined the circle becoming a very large backrest, which would surround you like a halo when you sit against it”.

Weavers Bench – “The Weavers Bench came from a small scale model that I had made, exploring how the surface of the weaving could form a soft shape for the body. When I showed this model to Patrizia, she interpreted this as being one large seat, which we agreed could be very nice and dynamic. When I went to Dakar we made the frame directly from the model and started weaving. This bench was made without drawings or computers, only with skilled hands”.

Tord Boontje

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