Milan Design Week 2017 – Extraordinary Poltrona Frau’s New Releases

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Milan Design Week 2017 – Extraordinary Poltrona Frau’s New Releases

April 6, 2017

Poltrona Frau took advantage of the magical atmosphere of Milan Design Week 2017 to provide visitors with a cluster of sophisticated and refined materials and products, ranging from exquisite upholstery to extraordinary leather and lighting collections. With more than 100 years of history, Poltrona Frau presents a whole new concept with La Prospettiva Collection (The Perspective).

@poltronafrau #milandesignweek2017

“La prospettiva dà profondità alle cose.” – “Perspective gives depth to things” – Michele De Lucchi

poltrona frau stand at isaloni 2017

Perspective gives depth to things. It is a way of seeing further, of abandoning the narrow logic of passing convenience. There are the ground line and the vanishing point; the vanishing point pushes us to look further, and further is where it takes us…”

Michele De Lucchi from Storie di Architettura 20

poltrona frau Milan Design Week 2017

Since the beginning, Poltrona Frau focuses on conceiving design projects and products with the aim of introducing new ways of experience the home and workspaces.


With this collection, Poltrona Frau offers lots of new ideas for the future of living while remaining as true to itself as ever. The brand’s values and tradition represent a powerful background for working, as we have done, on an aesthetic of purity and ultra-contemporary features,” comments Nicola Coropulis, general manager of Poltrona Frau.

milan design week 2017

Poltrona Fau developed and created a luxurious seat for workspaces, Cockpit, that was designed by the Maranello-based Ferrari Design Centre. It’s s an office chair that embodies the excitement, speed and dynamism of the driver’s seat as well as the passion for racing.

cockpit at milan design week 2017

Poltrona Frau and Ferrari Design Centre performed a spectacular combination between tradition and cutting-edge technology by developing an astonishing 3D projection installation to launch Cockpit.

milan design week 2017

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poltrona frau jean marie massaud at isaloni 2017

Poltrona Frau sees the concept of tradition as an essential legacy of experience and expertise. The exquisite brand distinguishes itself for the extraordinary leatherwork – the essence of the brand – that is supplemented with innovative techniques that gave rise to the Jeff and Jay Lounge armchairs designed by Jean-Marie Massaud.

poltrona frau jay and jane massaud at isaloni 2017

poltrona frau jeff massaud at isaloni 2017

The REN collection conceived by Neri & Hu consists of a set of exquisite accessories which include a table mirror, a bookcase, and a magazine rack that were produced using fine materials, combining traditional craftsmanship resources with innovative techniques, closely linked to the Poltrona Frau tradition. Along with the series of REN accessories, Neri & Hu also designed the gorgeous Ren small armchair and sofa.

ren furniture Milan Design Week 2017

ren furniture Milan Design Week 2017

The Fidelio series designed by Roberto Lazzeroni are composed of a cabinet, a sideboard, and a series of side tables in various sizes. The linear and clean elegance of Fidelio Collection is perfectly expressed in the new floor lamp as well as in the new side tables that enhance the whole collection.

Roberto Lazzeroni poltrona frau milan design week

Roberto Lazzeroni poltrona frau milan design week 2

Roberto Lazzeroni poltrona frau milan design week 1

Throughout the new collection presented at iSaloni 2017, Poltrona Frau shows once again its impressive mastery of materials, bringing out their natural and intrinsic expressive power. The Jane table designed by Jean-Marie Massaud is the perfect example of that, by featuring a huge irregular surface made of a precious marble.

poltrona frau stand at isaloni 2017

The new collection of rugs includes the new models Chado and Land created by Designcorporate for Poltrona Frau was handmade using natural fabric fibres like wool, jute, and bamboo silk, exuding the charm, elegance and quality of the prestigious Poltrona Frau Rugs. The collection includes three lines with different handicraft techniques, materials, colours, and designs.

chado rug milan design week 2017

Let it Be is an outstanding modular sofa designed by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba for Poltrona Frau which was conceived to reinvent the industry of sofa. Let it Be’s philosophy is implicit in its name, providing an exquisite sense of comfort, convenience and practicality.

Let it be & Mr. Moonlight. poltrona frau

Let it be & Mr. Moonlight. poltrona frau isaloni 2017

Let it be & Mr. Moonlight. poltrona frau collection

The Chester Line was designed on the basis of the original project by Renzo Frau. “The impeccable elegance of details, for a contemporary living room,” Poltrona Frau.

Chester Line Poltrona Frau Milan Design Week 2017


poltrona frau Milan Design Week 2017

Images Credits: Poltrona Frau

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