Lumiere Light Art Festival


Lumiere Light Art Festival

September 25, 2015

Lumiere Light Art Festival is the next event that is taking place in London, UK in 2016. A major festival of light art is to be staged in London next year by the people who organise the biennial Lumiere festival in Durham.

The first light festival will feature illuminations and animations projected at 20 locations in the West End and Kings Cross over four nights.
The London light event will take place from 14-17 January. Mayor Boris Johnson said it would be “a dazzling new festival for the capital” that would “expel the post-Christmas blues”.




The first artists to be confirmed for London are:

  • British artist Julian Opie, known for his graphic portraits (including an album cover for the band Blur) and large-scale animated LED figures, like the one he made for U2’s Vertigo world tour in 2005.
  • Janet Echelman from the US will create a vast, illuminated aerial net sculpture to be installed above a yet-to-be-specified central London meeting point. Visitors will be able to change its light and patterns using an app.
  • Paris-based Irish artists Anne Cleary and Dennis Connolly, known as Cleary Connolly, will bring Joining the Dots, which creates moving figures from projected dots of light, created with the help of local people in Kings Cross.
  • Binary Waves by Belgian art-studio LAb[au] features 40 panels that light up in response to movement in the world around them.



Sponsored by London Design Agenda and CovetED Magazine

Artichoke director Helen Marriage said: “Lumiere was born in Durham and its incredible success has been recognized across the world. Lumiere London will be a very different event with its own artistic programme, but the principles remain the same.”


If to be precise, two iconic destinations at King’s Cross, and the West End will be transformed with neons, video-mapped projections and installations, responding to the unique architecture of each location. Taking place outdoors over four evenings, the festival will be completely free to attend.


Are you ready to see Lumiere London that will be the biggest ever light festival to hit the capital? You should go to London and experience this alive!

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