Langham Hotel London 151 years of history and design

Langham Hotel London 151 years of history and design

March 23, 2017

Langham Hotel - Entrance

Langham Hotel London is a milestone in the British capital history, social life, design, food, and tea time. It dates from 1865 when, on 10th June, the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII) opened the first European “Grand Hotel”, the epitome of the Victorian chic.

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Langham Hotel Lobby Stairs

This centenary hotel is extremely well located on the top of Regent Street, one of the busiest streets of London, where you can find stores such as Karl Lagerfeld, Liberty or Apple.

Since day one, Langham Hotel has received several famous people, such as members of the royal family or writers like Oscar Wilde. It was even the setting for several Sherlock Holmes stories and, more recently, for movies like 007 GoldenEye.

Langham’s Interior Design History

Powerful names from the interior design industry are also involved in the history of this hotel, like Jason Wilson of RPW Design, who developed the Infinity Suite to celebrate the Langham Hotel London’s 140th anniversary in 2005. The Infinity suite was one of London’s largest spaces – by the time – with sublime technology, two bedrooms, and a dream bath. More than a suite, it is a place, where you can feel as if you were in your own apartment, with cosy and bespoke furniture and stylish sculptures. The name lifts you up to space.

Langham Hotel - Infinite Suite - Bed

Ten years later, 2015 was the time to celebrate the 150th anniversary and the well-known David Collins Studio. And Richmond International had the opportunity to paint a little bit of Langham history for this celebratory time.

Langham Hotel - Artisan Bar

This celebration began with David Collins Studio, which, back in 2008, was in charge for the renovation of the famous and award-winning Artesian Bar. As the studio explains, the motivation for this renovation was an eclectic inspiration from the Victorian cabinets of curiosities featuring hidden textures, details, and references including a jewelled mirror, jewelled panelling, blue and purple crocodile leather tiles, bespoke lacquers (a reference to la chasse aux papillons) and a pagoda bar. Three oversized hand-crafted chandeliers add a story, exploring the empire and the far east, to the scheme. 

Langham Hotel - Artisan Bar

Artesian has been considered, for four consecutive years, the best of the best in the World’s 50 Best Bars list, organised by Drinks International Magazine. One of the reasons for these awards is its speciality in exclusive rum creations, and, obviously, because it is the source for indulgence inside this unique Langham world.


Later on, but not for the first time on the hotel’s timeline, Richmond International took over the Langham torch and designed the Sterling Suite (the largest in London) and the executive Club Lounge.

Langham Hotel - Sterling Suite

The Sterling Suite is an authentic penthouse with 450 square meters and the capacity to accommodate twelve people. The hotel describes it as a way to exceed every notion of luxury and space and being a destination. It has its own butler, a private media lounge and much more.

Langham Hotel - Sterling Suite

In the Club Lounge, you will immediately feel that the classic townhouse reflects the Richmond International mood board to recall a new contemporary design edge. You will find this sense from the mix of fabrics and patterns in the small isolated corners, where you can have a good quality time with the company of a nice book or simply read the daily news.

Langham Hotel - Club

The Club Lounge covers two floors and it redefines the club concept with exclusivity, modern conveniences, and attentive service.

Langham Hotel - Club

Join Langham World

The magic relies on the fact that this unique hotel does not stop, and the more we dig, we find out the most distinctive details. Langham is for sure the “Grand Hotel” and also a Grand British history book of the last 151 years. Where you can feel at home when you are away, or where you can dream about the last centuries with your eyes open, without the need of a time machine.

Langham Hotel

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