October 6, 2021


22nd Edition


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Located in the city of angels, this latest project in the series of curated houses by Covet House is truly a gift from the heavens. In partnership with Ivan Satria, co-founder and lead artist from Kintsugi Visual, Covet House presents a high-end contemporary condo, worthy of the top A-listers from Hollywood.



An homage to the American dream, this apartment consists of 9 spacious roomsincluding wide-open areas, wooden panels, marble floorings and walls, with golden details reminiscent of those coveted golden statuettes given at awards season. Straight lines characterize the evident contemporary aesthetic, both in the architecture and the furniture pieces. Window walls also provide a 180 degrees view of the city of stars, a mesmerizing landscape over the Los Angeles skyline. Take a guided tour with us!





The welcoming area to this project, the foyer serves as the red carpet for the main event. Quite literally, where the ruby red velvet from the Naj Bold Armchair by Brabbu, a fully upholstered velvet armchair with nickeled nails, makes a true statement for the entryway. Also leaving a fabulous first impression are the Babel Floor Lamps from Luxxu, where the elegance present in every crystal. The contemporary appeal is completed by combining the eyecatching of the Angra Sideboard with the Glance mirror, both from Boca do Lobo. The Hollywood fantasy of the inspiration turns into reality through these magnificent and lush elements.






Sharing the area with generous open space for Living and Dining, this fantastically decorated living room is quite exuberant in its details. Metals were the focal point for this room, where the matching golden stripes on the walls and ceiling mix in unison with the stripes of the furniture and lighting pieces. The contemporary vibe is noticeable not only by the decoration items but in the way the furniture was carefully curated for this area. Almost none organic shapes, just clean and straight lines, like the ones used in the designs of the Apotheosis Side Table by Luxxu or in the soft Minelli Bench by Essential Home. Standing out on its own, is the remarkable Imperfectio Sofa by Boca do Lobo, wheres its golden irregularities and flaws over the manual hammered brass expose the beauty of imperfection. Some parts are roughly asymmetrical at the surface yet comfortable and smooth in a peculiar way to excite a desire for complementing this contemporary living room. The harshness and cold of the metals used all over the project aesthetic are the perfect antitheses for the softness of the upholstery, where mixing these types of materials represents a true challenge. This task was achieved by balancing the marbles, metals, and velvets to their excelling potential.





Separated from the living room by the Altura Mirror from Caffe Latte, which serves as a screen but a divider as well, the dining room is paramount to the contemporary luxury aesthetic. We can almost imagine a VIP dinner party, with the top names in the movie or music industry get together around the amazing Luxxu Apotheosis Dining Table. Again, the play on elements elevates this room to another level, contrasting organic shapes and earthly tones to the contemporary shapes of the furniture and architecture. Noir hues from the Lapiaz Console by Boca do Lobo and from the Lloyd Bookcase by Luxxu, leaves space for the deep green velvet from Stola Dining Chair by Brabbu or the golden finishes from the Hera Suspension Lamp and the Xisto Rug by Rug’Society to pop up. Supremely decorated to the finest detail, this dining area has the same cohesive elements as the other rooms to provide a rich, deluxe contemporary experience.






A smaller service bathroom, where the appeal is all about the tiniest elements. Gold is the main theme, exuding from all of the furniture lighting and accessory pieces. The massive Colosseum Mirror by Maison Valentina reflects the exuberant aesthetic and provides room for other pieces to shine, like the Waterfall Pendant from Luxxu, an elegant pendant lamp, made with gold plated brass combined with ribbed fine tubes of crystal glass. The main piece is the Darian Freestanding, also from Maison Valentina , a contemporary item that was conceived with precise knowledge of production techniques and materials, each with different specialties, from metalwork to upholstery. It features a cluster of gold plated brass asymmetrical bars enveloping a black leather structure, that results in a blend of artful and stout personalities. A statement piece, for a statement room.




Taking much inspiration from the words “less is more”, this quiet and soothing master bedroom is the culmination of all the previous areas, but in a much cleaner and softer way. Wooden panels transform this otherwise ordinary and simple room into a masterful and glamourous division. An in-built wardrobe with incorporated LEDs gives this room a feeling of entering some of the most exclusive high-end luxury fashion ateliers. Absolutely contemporary, a symbiosis between soft fabrics and the hardness of the finishes serves a coveted look. The massive headboard from Luxxu’s Chateau Bed fits perfectly with the two side tables and the lighting pieces for a deeper look, on the other hand, the softness of the Baltic Rug by Brabbu spreads comfort to every inch of the bedroom. The idyllic place for a well-deserved rest.




Straight out a scene from an academy award movie, this master bathroom exudes lust and opulence. Every detail in this ambiance almost looks like from the set from a blockbuster A-list movie. The use of the white marbles contrasting with the gold finishes produces such a powerful and deluxe feeling, that no one will be indifferent to. When entering this impressive room, two pieces immediately grab your attention: The fabulous Diamond Bathtub from Maison Valentina and the grand Pharo Suspension from Luxxu. The bathtub stands on its platform, resembling a unique piece in a curated museum, while the matching of the chandelier with the wall lamps, cohesively creates a deluxe aura. The smaller pieces don’t go unnoticed, while the black marble used in the counter makes both of the Lagoon Vessel Sinks, also from Maison Valentina, have their moment in the spotlight. Grandiose in scale and tastefulness.







A bedroom for a little rising star, this area excels by delivering a sophisticated room while being a fun, exciting, and playful area as well. Not compromising in the child-like details, by keeping the room cohesive in its amazing contemporary feel. The Tristen Bed from Circu takes the center stage, by being made to shape comfort and to keep the little one’s dreams safe and sound while she travels through their imagination at night. A kingdom in the bedroom project and the little girls’ life, all the lively furniture and lighting pieces create the luxury room. The cheerful playing area with the Nodo Suspension Chair also by Circu, gives comfort with its velvet upholstery and stainless steel, this whimsical hanging chair adds to the bedroom just the right amount of style and  elegance, complementing perfectly with the other rich elements in the child’s bedroom.





Gathering inspiration from one of the hottest current trends, “Japandi”, this guest bedroom also has a feng shui vibe from all the cleanness and clear tones. Less is more becomes the motto again, very contemporary aesthetic with a touch of a mid-century modern twist from all Essential Home’s pieces. The stylish Minelli Bed is the perfect piece for this comfortable bedroom, for creating an ambiance that is both sober and sophisticated. While Brabbu’s Niku Pendant light is a rarity in contemporary lighting. Featuring a structure in gold plated brass, shaders in gold plated brass, and glass, this pendant lamp fills this bedroom decor with exoticism as well. Finally, the Vittorio Sideboard from the fabulous partnership between Essential Home and Carlo Donatti, complements the overall look with the same curvilinear lines are found in its sophisticated design. The combination of the wooden black lacquered H-shaped legs with a walnut wood body and recessed golden  handles, recalls the lines of a blooming flower, becoming one with the other elements, creating a soothing and fresh bedroom setting.





Highly professional and the perfect place for reading or creating your next screenplay, the office resembles some of the top corner offices in a skyscraper. Luxurious and masterfully decorated, this room has all the elements needed for a contemporary and rich ambiance. Divided into two distinct areas, the office area features an in-built book modern bookcase, that goes perfectly with the  design of Luxxu’s Apotheosis Desk. A vigorous statement piece that enriches and elevates this area, especially when combined with Brand Van Egmond’s Victoria Chandelier. The reading area is the ultimate display of luxury, sophistication, and functionality coming together as one with the office overall look, in a marvelous encounter of talented craftsmanship and innovative design.