Fernando Campana: The Legacy Of A Brazilian Design Legend

Fernando Campana: The Legacy Of A Brazilian Design Legend

November 17, 2022

Fernando Campana: The Legacy Of A Brazilian Design Legend


Fernando Campana, the brother of Humberto Campana and a Brazilian designer and architect, passed away on November 16, 2022, at the age of 61. This terrible loss comes after the pair’s debut show at São Paulo’s Luciana Brito Galeria, which celebrated their polyvalent vision. It’s now time to remember the legacy of this Brazilian design legend.


Fernando Campana: The Legacy Of A Brazilian Design Legend


The Campana Brothers established their studio in 1984 and have since received praise and recognition on a global scale for their intriguing furniture designs. By the year 2024, the brothers would have celebrated 40 years of studio activity, 40 years of artistic expression, and 40 years of unrestricted research, narrated with extreme freedom in various fields.



Top 5 Furniture Conceptions of the Campana Brothers


Noah Chandelier



This chandelier could almost be a part of a unique fantasy world. The lamp, made entirely of bronze and agate transmits a powerful look, both in lighting terms and in visual style. Aside from the warm light transmitted by the product, it can be a very detailed product to look at.


Fernando Campana: The Legacy Of A Brazilian Design Legend


Ofidia Center Table



This product has a limited edition of 25 pieces, and it carries a unique style entirely made out of cast bronze. A closer look at this bespoke table will allow any it definitely has an almost serpentine feel to it, creating the perfect pretext for an abstract decor style.




Noah Wall Shelf



We’ve previously mentioned this unique furniture piece in regard to the Campana Brothers’ collection dedicated to Noah’s Ark. This is the Noah Wall Shelf composed of bronze animal figures arranged under the table surface, creating sole support for the base. Aside from its impressive balanced capacity, this design marvel, like the first example is also a wonder to glance in order to discover all of the details present there.




Bolotas Armchair



This version of the Bolotas Armchair is an immediate eye-catcher due to the unique red cherry that composes the fur revesting the product. It’s definitely a warm furniture element to have in your living room, providing both the visual aesthetic and the comfort you might be looking for. However, be alert: there are only eight of these elements available right now worldwide.



Branches Sofa



Lastly, another part of the notable Noah’s Ark collection is the Branches Sofa. This is a notorious furniture conception with a solid conception and combo of Cast Bronze with Woven Fabric. The abstract sofa may look uncomfortable at first, however, the bronze makes it a resistant sitting option, not to mention the softness that emanates from the fabric composing the bespoke piece.



Thank you, Fernando Campana!




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