CovetED Exclusive Interview with Eliská

CovetED Exclusive Interview with Eliská

January 19, 2017

Curiosity and similarities are two facilitators for the interconnecting of several artistic activities. They are also great intermediates for traveling and discovery which are fundamentals in the world of design. This can easily occur if one truly comprehends not only the environment of the creative industry but also their personal liberty. An ideal example of such notion is the New Zealander designer, Eliská who is an experienced adventurer of many layers when it comes to her craft. Currently, she has a successful design practice and a boutique shop in the United Kingdom.

Eliská Exclusive Interview

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Subsequent to becoming a mother, Eliská was unable to travel as much; for that reason, she started designing fabrics and textiles which lead her to room sets and in due course to interiors. So emerged in a fashion background, Eliská is known for her eclectic style which entails mixing antique pieces with very contemporary looks that create a lighter interior, in her own words, “I’ve always been very curious about different times, fashion, and interiors. That is why I like mixing.”

Private Members Club, London; Outdoor Cigar Snug 1 Eliská Exclusive Interview

At the present time, she has a lot of projects in development on a worldwide scale to just around the corner affairs.  But most importantly, she is collecting ideas for a house in Lahore thus she is looking for different textures and finishes to give the most suitable look to this very old house.

Connaught Square; Close Detail Coffee Table and Rug Eliská Exclusive Interview

According to Eliská, the most wonderful thing about design is having a rapport with clients, to gain their trust and to be able to form something that will exceed the original expectations.

Private Members Club, London; leather clad lift Eliská Exclusive Interview

In regards to inspiration, the designer states that traveling, museums, and galleries truly enhance the elaborate process of designing. She also gazes into the past, and visualizes the future, and tries to combine said essentials. As a source of her motivation, Eliská loves warm climates and nature; she loves to visit Berlin, India, China, and the wide spaces of Africa, and to fully scrutinize every moment of her travels.

Private Members Club, London; Outdoor Cigar Snug Eliská Exclusive Interview

She frequently attends tradeshows. She admires Maison et Objet the most, but she also loves Milan. In addition, she focuses on fairs in London. Nonetheless, her main purpose is to meet talented people and to witness the amazing creations of such individuals. Eliská becomes aware of everyone from established brands to small artisans who do bespoke pieces, joinery, ceramics, and amongst others.

West End Apartment; Drawing Room looking into Conservatory Eliská Exclusive Interview

On a philosophical approach, Eliská envisions her designs as timeless, seeking for contemporary pieces that will satisfy her clients through the years to come. On a personal note, she also desires to practice as long as humanly possible.

Connaught Square; Drawing Room Exclusive Interview

When asked to describe herself, Eliská says that “my passion is design so that’s one thing, detail, I am absolutely driven by detail, and I enjoy the response from my clients immensely.” Lastly, she advises newcomers to get the best education in design, to play to their strengths, and not to be afraid of making mistakes because that is the only way to learn.

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