Ashley Furniture: to serve costumers with AR and VR.

Ashley Furniture: to serve costumers with AR and VR.

December 21, 2016

Ashley Furniture is making history on the universe of furniture makers, a company that is putting augmented reality and virtual reality in service of its costumers. This may be the future for this kind of business. Can you imagine how much can your life be improved with this kind of service?

Ashley Furniture

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Shopping furniture is not only a question of taste but also a moment when you must consider things like the size of the piece and the dimension of the space where you’ll put it.

When you’re shopping furniture have you ever thought “Will the pieces fit?” or “How will it all look like?”or even “Does it match with the pieces I’ve already had?”.

Ashley Furniture - VR and AR

That’s because of questions like these that Ashley Furniture, the largest furniture retailer in North America and the world’s largest furniture manufacturer, will apply augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in its showrooms as a shopping help tool for furniture customers.

Ashley Furniture - VR and AR

You’ll just need to download an iPad app to check how your favorite furniture pieces will fit in the space you want them to be. With this app, customers can move pieces around, try different arrangements and check if the new furniture combines with their old furniture.

After using the iPad app, customers will be able to put on virtual reality headsets to experience the arrangements, make configuration changes or select other pieces.

Ashley Furniture - VR and AR

“Augmented and virtual reality are essential to our growth and vision for the future.” said Todd Wanek, Ashley president and CEO. “Our data shows that a combination of 3D visualization, seeing, touching, and feeling actual products, combined with the consultation of our knowledgeable salespeople, will lead to a stand-apart customer experience that is location-flexible.” And Wanek added “We are committed to creating a seamless omnichannel customer experience and, with Marxent, we found the platform and the partner who can deliver.”.

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This AR and VR platform is a co-work of Ashley Furniture, Marxent and the company’s Visual Commerce. The idea is that slowly in the future virtual room experiences will replace the traditional room layout, because it makes shopping easier. Ashley Furniture will begin rolling out the AR app and VR tech bars in its company-owned store locations in 2017.

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