Kartell by Laufen Presents Chameleonic And Sensual Collection

Kartell by Laufen Presents Chameleonic And Sensual Collection

April 19, 2019


Kartell by Laufen Presents Chameleonic And Sensual Collection ♦ For Design Week 2019 in Milan, Kartell by Laufen updates the displays at its flagship store on Via Pontaccio in Brera, one of the most central and active districts of the FuoriSalone. In the wake of last year’s success in terms of visitors and coverage, the showroom enthusiastically presents the new creations of the Kartell by Laufen collection, a complete range of furnishings, accessories, fixtures and faucets, forming a totally coordinated project for the bathroom.


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Drawing inspiration from the Seventies, the new displays feature colour combinations that were much in vogue in those years, which are now making a comeback in the world of fashion and design. The walls take on hues of bright green and pale rose, triggering interesting contrasts or harmonies with the ceramic pieces and the multi-coloured accessories. The atmosphere makes reference to a time of lively cultural ferment of vivid, cheerful colours while stepping back from the exaggerations of the past, avoiding the most jarring chromatic effects. Therefore the showroom takes on eccentric juxtapositions, but gauged by a delicate touch, in keeping with a more modern approach to colour, getting beyond the transience of passing fashions.




The basis of the Kartell by Laufen project is to represent everyday life with luminous colours and moods, through a fresh, original expressive language of strong emotional impact combined with exceptional functional quality. Visitors can grasp all the keywords of the brand in this concept: quality, innovation, versatility, design, essentiality, colour, transparency… Above all, they can rediscover the synergy between the various protagonists of the bathroom: on one hand the furnishings, assigned the task of optimised use of space; on the other, the fixtures, outfitted with specifically designed faucets. As well as the range of accessories in methacrylate, all designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, as versatile, dynamic elements capable of bringing lively personality.




The common denominator of all these creations is an essential geometric vocabulary, forms with timeless aplomb that bring out the best in the materials, like the precious SaphirKeramik, a ceramic formula patented by Laufen that offers incredible characteristics of slimness and strength. The showroom becomes the perfect stage for the ceramic presences, offered in three colours: white, glossy black and matte grey.




The pieces on view include the freestanding bathtub with column mixer, the wall-mounted toilets, including a very compact model with an overhang of just 490 mm from the wall, the countertop washstands with built-in counters, and the column washstands personalised with decorative patterns designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, in grey and black.




The cabinets, in various sizes and models, like the large drawer units coordinated with the washstands, or the slim solutions with fold-back openings, just 235 mm thick, are available in the colours matte white, pale grey and dark slate grey.




The accessories are both eclectic and exuberant: stools, mirrors, shelves, towel racks, lamps, with intriguing transparencies and variegated nuances. In powder pink, emerald green, amber, tangerine, blue, smoke grey, gold, silver, copper, matte white, matte black or transparent, they give the bathroom a glamorous look, to personalise and update with ease thanks to the wide chromatic range.




More than ever before, this year Kartell by Laufen reveals the chameleonic character of its products and the sensual, emotional dimension of its solutions.



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