IGNAE Spa Treatments | Revolution in Skincare Luxury Unveiled

IGNAE Spa Treatments | Revolution in Skincare Luxury Unveiled

December 17, 2023

In the heart of Porto, Portugal, at Le Monumental Palace, a revolution in skincare luxury has been unveiled. The advent of IGNAE‘s transcendent spa partnerships,  founded by Miguel Pombo, marks a fusion of unparalleled biotechnology and sustainable skincare, ushering in an era where science meets indulgence.




Six million years in the making, IGNAE’s genesis is intertwined with the pristine bio-ecosystem of the Azores, an archipelago blessed with a rich tapestry of life forms. Born from the visionary minds of Miguel Pombo, an ingredient regulatory expert, and Claire Chung, a luminary in luxury retail, IGNAE stands as a testament to their collective pursuit of harnessing nature’s essence through groundbreaking biotech. At its core lies a commitment to sustainability and innovation, echoing through every facet of IGNAE’s ethos. The brand’s dedication to preserving the delicate Azorean ecosystem is not just a philosophy but a manifest reality, ingrained in their use of clean, vegan, and advanced technologies. Through proprietary clean liposomes and supercritical extraction methods, IGNAE crafts high-performance skincare while minimizing reliance on plants and algae, thus harmonizing efficacy with environmental stewardship.





Accredited by ANI, the National Association of Innovation of Portugal, Azores Life Science, the R&D platform behind IGNAE, stands as a beacon of scientific excellence. This recognition underscores IGNAE’s unwavering commitment to pioneering innovations in biotechnology, cementing its position as a state-recognized biotech entity. However, IGNAE’s allure doesn’t solely reside in laboratories or accolades. It manifests in the sanctuaries of indulgence—their Signature Spa Treatments. Meticulously curated, these treatments seamlessly entwine ancient practices with avant-garde advancements. They stand as a testament to IGNAE’s belief that holistic well-being is an indispensable cornerstone of a fulfilled life.





Each spa treatment is a symphony of rejuvenation. From the Spirulina Lifting and Firming Facial, harnessing nature’s regenerative power, to the Age-Defying Massage with Gua Sha, promising immediate tonicity and firmness, IGNAE’s offerings transcend conventional skincare experiences. For men seeking revitalization, the Hydra-Energetic Face & Body Treatment stands as an oasis, merging muscle relaxation with cellular nourishment. Meanwhile, the Immunity & Energy Boosting Body Massage with Volcanic Hot Stones, a holistic embrace, revitalizes and rebalances, promoting a harmonious alignment of energies.






In an era consumed by digital demands, IGNAE’s Mind and Body Digital Detox emerges as a respite—a sanctuary cocooning patrons from the perils of prolonged digital exposure. Through expert techniques and specialized serums, this treatment restores equilibrium to both body and mind. These exquisite spa experiences aren’t confined to Porto alone but span across luxurious sanctuaries globally, from the Four Seasons Ritz Hotel in Lisbon to the azure shores of the Algarve’s Vila Joya. The imminent expansion to Four Seasons in Hong Kong heralds a new chapter in IGNAE’s global footprint. In a world where luxury often obscures sustainability, IGNAE stands as a paragon of harmony, where opulence intertwines with eco-consciousness. It’s not merely skincare; it’s a testament to a harmonious alliance between science, nature, and well-being—a legacy six million years in the making, unveiled in the sanctums of Le Monumental Palace in Porto.


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