Trend file: Ralph Pucci Mannequins

Trend file: Ralph Pucci Mannequins

May 3, 2016

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Fashion industry is a powerful and complicated mechanism consisting of many parts. Some details of this mechanism are simple and quite obvious, whereas some are under the veil hiding the real engines that can affect the mouthfeel of a fashion object. Mannequins are one of the unique fashion tools: on the one hand, it is always at the center of the fashion events and, on the other hand, it plays a passive role in the background.


Mannequins can be not only an indispensable tool for the design and tailoring, but also a piece of art, if it is made by Ralph Pucci. The career of Ralph Pucci includes more than thirty years of cooperation with famous shops and the best fashion designers in the world. Ralph Pucci supplies mannequins to the most famous department stores in the United States. The history of his creative business originates in the 70’s. When his parents started the business, it was the Mannequin Repair Company. Since he came, the family business changed tremendously. The company felt the freedom to create and they started to work with creative people, young decorators, fashion designers, putting mannequins on fashion shows. Ralph Pucci took their philosophy and did the same thing with the furniture.



At this particular time a mannequin found its soul with extraordinary supply of the designer. Thanks to his talent, there was caught the wind of time which blew in the direction of individualism and personalization. Ralph Pucci managed to make an artifact out of the neutral and absolutely insignificant details of the interior design. Pucci turned models into real sculptures. What is more, the mannequins looked like a sculpture that mimics human beings and fantasy sculptures that make you smile. His favorite mannequins are the ones in action that are standing on their hands, stretching or doing yoga. Raplh Pucci considers one of his greatest achievements the creation of mannequin in athletic poses.


Most of the Americans have design sensibility. Ralph Pucci is able to impress anyone with his work of art. His furniture comprises exclusively collector’s items. All the works of Ralph Pucci capture the imagination and are presented in various colors and shapes, some with no head and the other having dresses instead of legs.



Download CovetED N.4 here for free to read the full article.