CovetED’s Exclusive Interview with Interior Design Giant Kelly Hoppen

CovetED’s Exclusive Interview with Interior Design Giant Kelly Hoppen

December 21, 2015

CovetED’s Exclusive Interview with Interior Design Giant Kelly Hoppen ⇒ This golden season CovetED had the great honour of meeting the most passionate master of interior design. A creative stylist, Kelly Hoppen is not afraid to think outside the box, she doesn’t believe in trends and adores working on projects that excite her. For many design lovers and professionals, the British designer is the queen of interior design and avatar of high-end design and modern tips for the home.


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Can you imagine that one person can simultaneously be an entrepreneur, the author of eight books, and educator while flourishing for more than 40 years? Our magazine was curious to find out about the well-renowned designer’s daily routine. While communicating, CovetED was told that one of the thousands of reasons Hoppen loves being a designer is that every day is different and brings new challenges, tasks, and things to do. All of this is kept on an agenda in order to create some balance and harmony in her life.


Having this incredibly hectic schedule, the worldly star shared with us her love of travelling and the particular features of her rituals. First of all, it is crucial always to find time to exercise. Secondly, it is important to have a healthy body and mind, and it’s also a wonderful way to work out any stress. Thirdly, Kelly Hoppen tries to meditate and center herself. The top designer confessed to CovetED that she is very inspired by Eastern culture and philosophy and meditating is a big part of that.


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With design in her blood, Kelly Hoppen creates the sense and feeling of a home much more than just how it looks. To attest this statement, the words of Alan Sugar, the English business mogul and media personality, may serve as a good example.


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Alan Sugar: “Kelly is the best at what she does. We want to create apartments that offer the owners the highest standards in luxury living and design.” As a matter of fact, the designer worked with Lord Sugar to design a set of lavish apartments in St. Thames. After some time the extravagant apartments were created in central London.


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Recalling Maison&Objet Americas this past summer, CovetED was lucky enough to attend the presentation where Hoppen shared with the public the success of launching her new bath ware collection in collaboration with the Australian bath ware designer Apraiser. The collection was based on clean lines, symmetry and neutral tones, including stunning layered designs. From the very moment the meeting began, CovetED strived to discuss with the acclaimed designer her style and the manner in which she is used to working.



Kelly Hoppen calls her style “East meets West”. It is a fusion of clean, balanced design with a touch of the exotic from the East fused with sumptuous textures and opulent comfort of the West. Regarding a special “signature” in the creations, the design queen uses a neutral colour palette in all of her work.


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Throughout the interview, CovetED managed to take a sneak peek inside Hoppen’s core work principles. Thus, we are certain that the interior designer possesses a passion to get up every morning with a strong belief of being brilliant at what she does in life. The conversation went so well that our guest was sincere enough to tell us how everything began in her life and the moment she realized her talent for design.


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When the future master was just 16 she received her first commission to redesign a kitchen for a family friend. After that, a girlfriend introduced her to an F1 racing driver and she designed his place as well. This was the start of her business. From that very moment, her reputation began to grow through word of mouth, and Hoppen was completely self-taught. The woman was determined to make a success of herself. Kelly Hoppen even recollects the words of her mother – as soon as she was big enough, her daughter was always moving the furniture around, rearranging rooms. In view of this, Hoppen admits that creativity and passion for design was a part of her from a very young age.


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CovetED is flattered to share with our readers the designer’s inspirations and more about her main work principles. We were very curious about her inspirations and the way she makes her “retreat” to get inspired and bring fresh ideas to her projects. Answering this question, the interior design guru claimed that she finds inspiration everywhere, from travelling the globe sourcing accessories to reading books, and watching films whilst she relaxes at her cottage in the beautiful English countryside. Inspiration mainly comes to Hoppen when she takes a few minutes away from her normal routine to just sit back and reset her mind.


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Undoubtedly, the designer should be a psychologist. Known as a symbol of high-end design, Kelly Hoppen doesn’t start her work without precisely knowing her clients: who they are and their way of life. The team of CovetED was highly interested in her creative process, during which the professional studies her clients to create the projects that perfectly suit their personality. In the designer’s point of view, the secret consists of working incredibly closely with the clients, getting inside their heads and creating designs that will be a reflection of something they desired but did not have the design language to describe. Together with the team, Kelly Hoppen goes into extraordinary detail as it is so important to design a space that fits the client like a great pair of jeans! One of her central principles lies in the fact that our home is the ultimate reflection of us, it’s where we should feel the most comfortable and safest, so it’s incredibly important to make sure the project fits our personality.


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During the great design union with the design brand YOO, founded by John Hitchcox and Philippe Starck, Kelly Hoppen developed her simple yet opulent style to create something extraordinary, offering discerning residents a sumptuous, natural, and peaceful home interior. In collaboration with YOO, the English guru designed the Lakes by YOO in the UK’s Cotswold’s, Barkli Virgin House in Moscow, and the project in Pune.



In terms of picking a favourite project, Hoppen asserts to be 100% committed to every project she is actually involved with and puts her whole heart into each one! In view of this fact, it is very hard for the master of design to choose a favourite one, especially as she has done such a variety of different projects from homes and private planes to yachts!


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According to the words of Kelly Hoppen “Success is not a day job!” Truth be told, this exactly describes the designer, who has fingers in every pot. Having inherited great characteristics from her parents, Hoppen possesses some knowledge of the fashion industry, where her father was involved and has artistic roots as her mother had a gallery in London exhibiting artists and photographers from around the world. Looking back at her family’s heritage, one may say that her passion for art and creativity is something that the talented designer inherited from her family.


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Taking everything into account, creativity, in general, was definitely a huge part of Hoppen’s upbringing. In other words, it is a quality that all of her family members possess. The designer believes that she was always going to work in a creative industry. Moreover, her earliest memories are probably inspired by her mother’s art collection.


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All in all, CovetED wishes Kelly Hoppen all the best as she continues to move ahead full of new ideas, design novelties, and with new travelling impressions! CovetED Magazine will follow and be inspired by the designer’s remarkable interior design masterpieces!



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