November 11, 2021


Isabelle Miaja is an interior designer who started her career in Beverly Hills and later moved to Asia to have new experiences. She had to learn a new way of living and how to deal with a new culture, however, she thrived to place her name in the interior design world and to develop her skills to a whole new level. In conversation with us, she told us how she dwelled in a learning curve, as design is all about making mistakes and improving from them. She took her time to learn about her passion and spent many hours developing the trade. Isabelle Miaja takes us on a tour of her creative process.


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Isabelle Miaja was not afraid of admitting that wisdom comes with age and trial and error. No one ever learns from doing things perfectly, as failure leads us to knowledge. That was something that had a lot of weight at the start of her career as an interior designer. She realized that only by spending so much time and correcting many errors could she truly understand her passion. Knowledge eventually turns into, in her own words, knowledgeable instinct. and that is the way to understand if you are doing something right or something wrong.


The designer explains that there is always more to be learned, due to the different approaches people have all around the world. The differences in cultures show that what works in one, might not work in another, and that is something that needs to be acquired by the interior designer. Sometimes there is a demand of getting into a country’s historical roots, to master the craft.




Isabelle Miaja talks about how everything is a blank canvas at first, so, naturally, she incorporates in her projects what she has already learned along the way. She tells us “It comes just almost naturally”. It is from these motivations and knowledge that a project starts to have a special stroke. A stroke that aims to turn into something unique. Every little detail makes the project stand out and be associated with her name, however, she wants to first cause an impression and later make people think about who the designer might be. As a designer you want your project to first have shine and life.


Project by Isabella Miaja


Isabella has always been inspired by her own family, to have a very artistic sensitivity. From her grandfather being a sculptor and her mother loving different cultures, she was gifted with the possibility of appreciating beauty in every sense. She told us that she “(…) always encourages people that beauty can be found everywhere, nature is one of the first teachers for me.”

Color needs to always have a presence. Even though she is drawn to cooler tones, inspired by the 90s, it just depends on the project she is given. The designer likes taking tones from nature, for we should not live in a black and white world, not even the greatest paintings were made in those monotone tones. Nonetheless, every project has its mood and it requires a different palette of colors, many times according to the client’s tastes.


Project by Isabella Miaja


The project that the designer likes the most is the one that allows her to put her imagination up to work. She loves to have no boundaries, for that is the dream of any designer. However, her dream is also to start designing objects that go from macro to micro, because it enforces that free of constraints mindset.


Project by Isabella Miaja


After a magnificent speech about art and beauty, Isabella Miaja ends her interview by telling us to keep the passion going, because even though it is a hard path it is a rewarding one.


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