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Lily Duclaud is a certified international interior decorator and graphic designer. Her vast experience as a designer for over 20 years working side by side with her mother accords her the privilege to stand out in the design sector in Mexico City and internationally. She is an accomplished mother and wife: highly family-oriented. Skilled in mural designs and creates high-end custom designs for her clients, which covers both commercial and residential projects. Her portfolio entails a wide range of awe-inspiring interior and architectural designs on storytellers, fairy tale – private label (ambassadors), renovations and high-end ‘handy manny’. CovetED had the incredible opportunity to sit with one on one for a conversation with the vibrant designer.



Over the years Lily Duclaud has developed her own style which is defined as elegant, subtle and original, combining the principles of simplicity with the taste and the sumptuous textures, always looking for new challenges. When asked about what part of her work excited her the most, she immediately replied: “I don’t work, I just have fun and doing fun stuff has brought me here. “ I’m in Love with what I’ve done since I was very young and I have been doing this for years. This is my life, its what I am good for and really enjoy designing all kinds of projects and meeting different people all over. My mother showed me this. It was her gift to me. Being a designer is on her side of my story.



For Lily, every project is completely different and authentic and that’s what makes her work amazing. New projects ware new beginnings. In her words: “I’m in love with everything I do but I’ll definitely think kids rooms are my passion. Ever since I remember, Working as a kid with Kids brought my creative juices alive and it has given me the opportunity to grow in different ways too.  I think I will always be a kid.  I hope so.



Although an enthusiastic and playful person, Lily described that the most challenging time in her career has been digital media. She considered herself an old-school designer, who’s used to sketch by hand. “I love eye contact, Vibes. It’s been difficult to understand and feel people through Zoom or chat. Feeling the light of a Living room through a computer camera or couple energy over hours of sitting down understanding textures and colours without even understanding the concept.” 



Pandemia changed our lives in every single way but for Lily, the challenging days turn out to be an incredible opportunity.  “We decided to bring our knowledge, experience and happy thoughts to everyone in the world. That was a great challenge I’d never thought about. Gladly we’ve developed projects in Asia, Europe and places we’ve never thought about before as a Mexican designer. It’s been great so far. Masterclasses have been amazing connecting with people at home and bringing them also the opportunity to grow their own business as well.




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Incredibly ambitious and always with her eyes locked in the future, the designer expressed that’s she’s far from achieving everything in her life. “Every year I do challenge myself, that’s for sure. I’ve achieved every yearly goal but I keep looking forward like Walt Disney used to say. Every day is a challenge, an opportunity to be a better person in every way.


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Her inner child allows her to not only thrive for more in her life but to connect to children, turning into one of her biggest dreams: “I want to be more in contact with Kids. Our world is crazier than ever and since they are the future we have to start designing better creative spaces for them, Less war, more love and fun but in a family approach.” Lily said. She’s developing “Once upon a time in a box”. It’s a wonderful project where Moms will be able to design their own rooms with her studios’ help. “I’m super excited about it!  I would love to see my boxes all around the world.” A huge project coming up, where her partner and Lily are having the best time ever making it come true. 



“Kids have to feel their space as comfortable and huggable, personalized and content. Their own shelter. That’s home. We need to go back to back to basics. That’s my priority. Kids!”

Lily Duclaud


Lily’s love for personal and deep connections are one of the most fulfilling parts of her work, where being in contact with her audience and clients are essential to her fabulous work. “We live from our audience. I personally answer all their questions and stay in touch. I have clients that have been with me for more than 20 years. I have watched kids grow, change nationalities and have kids again and they all still contact me. It’s amazing. Social media nowadays has given us unimaginable opportunities to stay in touch. I love being part of their lives like a paediatrician, always available 24/7.”



When asked about the currents trends Lily became quite excited, and sparkle was definitely visible in her eyes. “From my point of view… it’s Like Disneys Ratatouille…. Anyone can cook!” she answered humorously. “I see a lot going on and that is even more exciting since all brands have been developing their own drama!!!! I love it! Design this year is packed with creativity, colours, textures and tons of fun.” Lily added. 


“I’m proud of being a designer in this Era since we have the chance to watch all kinds of tendencies all ove4r the years in a deep melting pot. Pandemia again is making me proud of watching my colleagues re invented and more powerful than ever!!!  Love them all!”

Lily Duclaud



Duclaud’s client type is the type of client that knows how and what they’re looking for in a project and in her. As stated previously, her deep connections with her clients allow her not only to correspond to her client’s demands but also anticipate and complement their wishes, and that’s something they also look forward to when working with Lily. “They are rockstars and I’m the one developing a great stage for them since it’s their Theater, they are the characters of the movie, not me. They are all Stars. Shining ones.” she said.



To finalize, CovetED asked about Crafstamnship and who’s leading the way, and Lily got a bit more personal: “In my Home town, Mexico City, I really Honor a very well known Mexican Artist. Alfonso Marina Has shown us Internationally the right way to do with extreme perfection as an artist devoted to handcrafting fine wood furniture. His goal has always been to offer the highest quality possible to discerning consumers. I’m so proud of him.” 

In the future, she says that we as a society need to reevaluate the concept of social spaces since the past year’s events and social distancing gave us the opportunity to evaluate our priorities. “For Us, social distancing gave us the opportunity to re-evaluate what’s important: Family and friendship. We as interior designers need to focus on bringing families together again. Giving them spaces to coexist.



Besides being an incredible interior designer, Lily Duclaud is an example of how your work and your integrity as a human being can coexist. Her love for her people, her clients and all the lives she touches is so transparent, and CovetED is honoured to have the opportunity to interview and sit with such an amazing professional.








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