November 20, 2021


A better life for as many people as possible – This is the heart of Milica’s philosophy. She, who is now the Head Luxury Architect and Co-founder of Formvision’s Luxury Department at Formvision GmbH, started her interior design studies on her own and has now formed a partnership with her younger sister, making the design ideas flourish and blossom with beautiful art pieces. She told us she’s seen this world as a holistic field of vision, from the urban beginning to the beautiful interior configuration. Something absolutely essential to doing a great job.



The company’s vision to work with all forms is enabled through her skills of work with automotive lines, enriched with the knowledge of the Ceo of Formvision, Paul Regler, who has been working in the automotive industry for over two decades. In this way, they make futurism (which is part of the essence of their projects) adaptable and practical, in a discreet way, through subtlety and innovation. And that’s how their architecture department works, developing innovative projects that bring the future to the comfort of homes, leaving you with touches of practicality and adaptability mixed with luxury.



“The essence of luxury doesn’t lie in expensive materials or over-the-top polished furniture, but the atmosphere that the created space carries. Our style is unique in the fact that there’s a certain feeling to our every project. The point of luxury is in awakening emotions in oneself, allowing them to soak in the story, the quality of life, and the life energy of the living space. Not only do we design residential spaces (buildings, villas, cars, yachts), we create life. The most important thing about a house is that it’s a home.”


In our conversation, Milica also revealed what the heart of the house is for her, the most important space: the kitchen, where for her the life of the house arises, where food and energy are created. For the spaces, she always dedicates a bespoke kitchen design first in correspondence with the setup.



Creating fluid spaces that have a balance between the feminine and masculine energies and always bring flexibility, considering the particular taste of each client. What is the essence of this architect’s work comes to marry exactly with current times, where there needs to be a balance between open and closed spaces, achieved through, for example, good designs of balcony structures making them an extension of the interior and open views to nature.


And what can we expect for the future?


As far as the company is concerned, Milica told us that plans for the future include the launch of a new set of speakers with Luxury Sound – within the Symphony collection – that will integrate harmoniously with all the furniture. A new series of Formvision villas is also on their way, having interesting features of smart home systems and adaptable panels. Her team is also working on a new series of kitchens in collaboration with the Covet Group, making them part of this team, cooperating with over five hundred connections worldwide.



With the pandemic times another project emerged: The Building International, a new and astounding project of Milica’s, came as a wish to tend to every customer’s taste. “Building International is planned in reference to the contemporary buildings of the 21st century, finished with world-class interiors, representing many of the most famous European cities, bringing Europe to Africa.”



The idea of the project is for clients to enjoy spending time in the building and explore all of the possibilities, experiencing what different flats have to offer (from The Moscow Flat, inspired by neoclassicism to The Athens Flat, the essence of which lies in Greek motifs and ornaments) – And to be an even more brilliant idea all flats are going to count with furniture of Covet Group brands.


We are very curious and excited to see all those amazing projects finalized! Milica describes perfectly in words our feeling about this partnership: “The best part of this partnership is the harmony of the ways our services contribute to customer satisfaction. When creating our bespoke kitchens, staircases or luxury speakers, we enrich the collections of our collaborators, providing the full spatial experience. The luxury furniture sits like jewelry on top of good quality architectural constructions.”


At the end of the pleasant conversation with Milica, we still asked her opinion about the trends that will happen in 2022, and she says that the flexibility of space is now above all. Learning to adapt our lifestyles and our homes to the reality that the pandemic brought, feel comfortable in a well-planned home. For her and her team, minimalist spaces with a note of luxurious futuristic furniture made of thin, round lines will continue to be popular in 2022, with touches of natural materials.