Top Interior Designers From Montreal

Top Interior Designers From Montreal

February 8, 2021


Montreal is the second-most populous city in Canada. Even though this city has lots of tourist points and amazing views to check, this article will focus on something equally important. Are you ready to meet the top interior designers from Montreal?


1 – Philippe Harvey


Top Interior Designers From Montreal



One of the most experienced designers on this list is Philippe Harvey, this is one of the top interior designers with an incredible two decades of experience in which the thought is that each project must meet the style and taste of the client so that he can feel comfortable in any environment. Philippe Harvey’s exclusive designs must stand the test of time, be functional and bring the customer a sense of pride and happiness.



2 – Ædifica


Top Interior Designers From Montreal




With nearly four decades of top expertise, Ædifica is an award-winning firm that includes a large team of architects, designers, engineers, communications specialists and project managers who all work together to create meaningful and long-lasting spaces. That’s the main reason they one of the top interior designers in Montreal.



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3 – Rebecca Mitchell Interiors


Top Interior Designers From Montreal


Ranked as one of Montreal’s top interior designers, Rebecca Mitchell Interiors is a full-service interior design firm with nearly 20 years of experience in the field. With most work projects based in Montreal,  Rebecca Mitchell Interiors is a versatile design studio with high praises that can equally work bold styles or more classic patterns of design.

4 – Bipède


Top Interior Designers From Montreal



Founded in 2008 by two landscape designers, Élaine Fortin and Virginie Lamothe, Bipède is a multidisciplinary studio that specializes in residential and commercial design, but also furniture and accessories design. Bipède focuses on the client as a dynamic element who is part of the creation process while interacting with his or her environment. That’s why they are one of the top interior designers of Montreal.



5 – Kelli Richards Designs



Specialized in providing turn-key solutions for high-end residential and commercial projects in and around Montréal, Kelli Richards Designs produces some stunning projects that perfectly fit any client’s demand! According to this studio founder, Kelli Richards, this studio’s style can be described as following: “Every person is unique and deserves to live in a space that reflects the essence of who they are. My goal through the design process is to discover and expose the essence of the client while at the same time persuading them to make choices that will bring their design to another level”. That’s the main reason they are one of the top interior designers of Montreal.





6 – Jean Stephane Beauchamp Design


Top Interior Designers From Montreal


With a penchant for eclectic interiors that bring together different periods, styles or elements, Jean Stephane Beauchamp is a well-versed interior designer. He studied Design, Fine Arts, Photography, Psychology and Art Therapy. With a vast range of clients and a vast range of styles, Jean Stephane Beauchamp is one of the top interior designers in Montreal.


7 – Lorna Gordon Design


Top Interior Designers From Montreal



The head designer of this studio is Lorna Gordon, a young but highly creative interior designer that started her business in 2006, after finishing her studies in interior design. Standing out as a trendy and experienced designer, Lorna has become one of the most loved public figures and one of the top interior designers in Québec after participating in several TV shows as a host or guest designer.


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8 – Zephyr Interior Design


Top Interior Designers From Montreal


Lead by Rosalie Levi, the Zephyr Interior Design is one of the top interior designers of Canada whose projects are making some amazing design waves in Canada. From an eclectic style to a more vintage style, Zephyr Interior Design can produce some amazing home designs!



9 – Annika Krausz




Born and raised in Montréal, Annika Krausz worked as a decorator and art director on film sets for 12 years before transitioning into commercial and residential design. She enjoys mixing styles and eras by incorporating vintage and contemporary elements, from high-end finds to flea market treasures. Thanks to her Hollywood Experience, you can count on Miss Krausz to provide your project that Hollywood Vibe. That’s the principal reason she is considered one of the top interior designers of Montreal.





10 – TOC Design & Construction


Top Interior Designers From Montreal


By blending interior design ideas with the hottest artistic movements, Tania Scardellato is constantly looking for something new in her field and that’s what makes the firm a veritable trendsetter. Her firm wants to draw out their clients’ desires, and express them in a unique and highly individual way. That’s one of the reasons they are considered one of the top interior designers of Montreal.



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