Top Interior Designer | Greg Natale

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Top Interior Designer | Greg Natale

August 20, 2015
This time CovetED has something really special to share with its readers. Australia and the world of interior design also full of amazing decor ideas and interior design projects.

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Greg Natale uses of bold colour and pattern and the creation of warm, layered, liveable spaces. Besides, Greg offers a generous and unique view into the creative process, sharing his passions, experiences, advice and the philosophy behind his richly tailored, sophisticated style.

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From 1996 to 2001, Natale worked for three different architectural design firms: Garth Barnett Designers, HBO+EMTB, and SJB. In 2001, he launched Greg Natale Design. This was around the end of the minimalism movement, and Natale chose to pursue a more luxurious look than had previously been in style. His first major project was the 2002 design of the Gonano Apartment, with a decorative, repeat pattern coordinated on walls, blinds, bed linens and art. Based in Sydney, the firm handles interior design in residential, retail and commercial spaces, and also does residential exterior design.

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Natale’s style is a mixture of opulence, vibrant colors, patterns and textures, with meticulously curated and balanced, layered spaces and modern touches. He has designed products including rug collections of commercial and domestic rugs and carpets for Designer Rugs, wallpaper collections for Porter’s Paints, furniture collections for Stylecraft and Regency Distribution, and a range of tiles for Teranova Tiles. Natale has twice been named the Belle / Coco Republic Interior Designer of the Year. In 2014, he was named the inaugural winner of the Editors’ Medal at the Interior Design Excellence Awards. He was a keynote speaker at the 2013 Australian International Furniture Fair, and has appeared as a guest judge on the reality television shows The Renovators and homeMADE.

Background and Realization

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Ariadne Office – Sydney, 2011

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Minimalistic but smart executive style with travertine floors and walnut joinery.

Astor Apartment – Sydney, 2012

coveted-Top-Interior-Designers -Greg-Natale-Astor Apartment – Sydney, 2012

Working alongside local architect James De Soyres, Natale was given a clean, minimal structure to transform.

Clarke & Payne House – Sydney, 2012

coveted-Top-Interior-Designers -Greg-Natale-Clarke & Payne House

This project is characterized by strong both in colour and styles. Classy details here are well combined with modern additions.

Croydon House – Sydney, 2014

coveted-Top-Interior-Designers -Greg-Natale-Croydon House

One of the original inspirations was one the house’s arches, in which Natale created a series of repeated arches that not only became a standout feature but also opened up the house significantly. Formasetti arch tiles in the kitchen give a nod to this feature. Another feature of the home is the black and white Fornasetti wallpaper accessories that stand out to great effect against the house’s soft powder-blue walls.

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Most Oconic Projects

Gonano Apartment – Sydney, 2012

coveted-Top-Interior-Designers -Greg-Natale-Gonano-Apartment

The apartment was designed in 2002 and featured a repeat pattern coordinated on walls, blinds, bed linen and art. It was unashamedly decorative. The apartment was designed at a time when the industry was just starting to come out of minimalism and was recognised for its innovation. This has seen Greg become a pioneer in the decorative style that has dominated the 2000s.

Gonano won an award with Belle magazine and has been featured in various books and magazines including, leading the international design publication, Wallpaper.

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Greg Natale Design provides services in the areas of residential, retail, hospitality and commercial interior design and has also now added residential architecture to their long list of capabilities. In August 2009, in conjunction with Designer Rugs, Greg released the “New Regency” rug collection, now adding product design to his repertoire. Greg Natale Design is recognised for its design excellence and continually practices its core belief of integrating architecture, design and decoration.

Annandale House 2 – Annandale, 2014

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Within Annandale House, Greg Natale uses a monochromatic colour cheme with yellow as his key colour pop which consistently is featured throughout the house.

Mimicing geometric shapes and textures through the furniture and ornaments, Greg Natale’s signature style is present.

Special Projects – The Tailored Interior

Natale’s first book, The Tailored Interior, was published by Hardie Grant in November 2014, with photography by Anson Smart and a foreword by Jonathan Adler. The book offers insights and lessons on interior design, including Natale’s philosophies and approach to paint color, type of paints, patterns, proportion, cohesion and layering, showcasing 18 spaces Natale has created.

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Not only taking us on a complete journey through Natale’s detailed projects room by room, the tome also guides us through the designer’s creative processes and the concepts behind his craft.

Natale has shared highlights of his top five residential projects, all featured in the bespoke book.

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Greg Natale Awards

  • Belle / Coco Republic Wild Card, 2002
  • Belle / Coco Republic Interior Designer of the Year, 2011
  • Belle / Coco Republic Best Residential Interior, 2013
  • Finalist, Dulux Colour Award, Single Residential Interior, 2013
  • Belle / Coco Republic Interior Designer of the Year, 2014
  • Interior Design Excellence Award Editors’ Medal, 2014

Rug Collection – New Modern

Introducing New Modern, the rug collection from award-winning interior designer Greg Natale, in collaboration with Designer Rugs. It features the bold, sophisticated patterns and striking graphic designs for which Greg is known and showcases the next frontier in his creative vision. ‘New Modern is perfect for contemporary living, in a residential or commercial environment,’ says Greg. The rugs are made from 100% Tibetan Wool, with custom colouring and sizing available.

“NEW MODERN is perfect for contemporary living, in a residential or commercial environment,” says Natale. Each rug has been named after a city, as travel provides one of Natale’s foremost inspirations.

coveted-Top-Interior-Designers -Greg-Natale-londonLONDON

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