Top Architects | Grosfeld van der Velde


Top Architects | Grosfeld van der Velde

September 4, 2015

It is commonly known that Netherlands ate the homeland of many most talented, recognized and awarded designers and architects in the world. Grosfeld van der Velde is one of them. Architecture company based in Breda is led by two great architects – Pascal Grosfeld and Bart van der Velde. Their main mission is to create good buildings, being a perfect environment in for people to live and work in. They believe in the great value of architecture in our lives and the important role played by the quality of every building. Their buildings show great character, an exceptional spaciousness and careful, long-lasting finish. In every task they search for the essence of the project – simple and powerful concepts that are developed as consistently as possible.



Bart van der Velde was born in 1965, Pascal Grosfeld is only 2 years younger. They both graduated from the Technical University of Eindhoven in 1995 and 1994 respectively and worked in large offices as Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates and Bert Dirrix before forming their own office in 1996.


Pascal Grosfeld is the winner of the second Young Architects Initiative, organized in 1996 by the Municipality of Eindhoven. In 1999 he became the winner of the Europan 5 in Turku, Finland and competition ‘Buitenplaats’ in Breda. In 2000 he was a member of the Review Committee Breda. In years 2005 to 2012 Pascal was a Mentor at the Academy of architecture.


Bart van der Velde is the winner of 1st prize of European 5 in 1999. In 2005 he was a jury member for Europan 8 for Finland, Latvia and Sweden. In 2007 he gained 1st prize in Jyväskylä, Finland, in international architectural / urban design competition. In 2012 Bart was giving lectures on redevelopment and renovation at the Strelka institute in Moscow. He was also a tutor and mentor at Artez academy of Architecture in Arnhem between 2008 and 2015.

Their main domain are private, residential projects as well as public spaces and infrastructure.


The studio

The Grosfeld van der Velde office has been started by Pascal Grosfeld in 1996. In the past years they have grown and their team consists now of 16 architects and engineers. Bart van der Velde has joined the firm since 1998 and became a principal in 2008. Their main focus while designing a building is the search for the essence of the project. By doing so, they develop clear and powerful concepts which are worked out as unambiguous as possible. They create buildings which have their own character, offer a great spatial experience and a very carefully chosen and detailed finishing. Their projects include residential designs, commercial, public use buildings and infrastructure.



Grosfeld Van der Velde’s new office is located next to an old hose tower from a fire station. The resulting space creates a campus-like feel with the hose tower being the landmark of the development. The architects new design workspace acts as an area whereby employees can perform their work as well as welcome guests, have meetings and work creatively.

Residential projects

House VdB

Located in the outskirts of the city of Breda, on the edge of the urban and rural zone, this house is provided with great views. The clients preferred a maximum volume on this plot and asked the Dutch architects Grosfeld van der Velde to turn this desire into reality.


They designed a house with a square floor plan of 15 x 15 meters, stacked up over 3 levels. The ground floor is raised above the surrounding land, so daylight can enter the half-sunken basement. By lifting the ground floor, the view from the living area of the natural environment is astonishing.


House KvD

House KvD is located in the woods of Teteringen, close to Breda. Important, from the residents point of view, was to experience the green environment in a most intense way. This ambition has formed the main concept of the building: A house that feeds in between the trees, giving every arbitrary movement a surprising perspective on the forest. The square-shaped volume keeps you, while moving through the building, in constant contact with the environment.

To sum up, the Netherlands is not only a nice country to visit, but also a place where architecture and design is in the process of development.

Source – Best Interior Designers