Salah Kabouni | Between European Elegance and Middle Eastern Innovation

Salah Kabouni | Between European Elegance and Middle Eastern Innovation

November 7, 2023

Salah Kabouni, the CEO of Kabouni Engineering, based in Syria and Lebanon, recently sat down with CovetED Magazine during an exclusive visit to the Covet Group showroom and factories. This rendezvous provided a unique opportunity to gain insights into his company’s remarkable journey and its exceptional collaboration with renowned European furniture brands.



Kabouni Engineering serves as a reseller for furniture, proudly representing multiple European brands. What sets them apart, however, is their dedication to innovative lighting solutions, including architectural and decorative lighting. This distinctive blend of offerings has made them stand out within the industry.





Salah introduces the company saying that: “Actually, we are working as a reseller for furniture. We are representing several European brands. We are doing also lighting solutions, architectural lighting and decorative lighting. So this is what makes us different from other companies.



The interview delves into the unexpected aspects of their journey. Salah shares, “It was a very nice and impressive experience because we have seen most of the items, how they did and the handmade items, they are amazing, especially the metal factory. It was something that we didn’t expect that every piece is done separately and it’s really unique.” In a world of mass production, the hands-on approach to creating each piece struck a chord with Salah and his team. “We were expecting to see more machines and more production lines, something like this. We didn’t expect to see all this done by hand.



The conversation shifts to specific products and the impact they’ve had. Salah mentions, “Yes, of course, a lot of products. For example, the monochrome console, it was something very nice. The blue color was… I’ve seen the product before, but I didn’t see it in blue color, so it was really amazing for me. Of course, all other products are looking amazing, but I’ve seen most of them before. But for me, this one was unique.”



Salah also highlights some of the successful projects they’ve completed in collaboration with their European partners. “For example, a private villa we finished a couple of months ago, and now we have almost finished an apartment in Beirut. We have used a lot of products in the salon area, in the bathroom, also some mirrors. It was an amazing one. We have also used the entrance, in the entrance lobby,(…) it was looking very nice, and we have just delivered the project, and the client is so happy and everything is good.”




The interview provides valuable insights into their selection process and the partnership’s foundation. Salah reflects, “We have made the selection based on the design which we have prepared. Kabouni Engineering’s journey is a testament to the marriage of European elegance and Middle Eastern innovation, creating distinctive and remarkable design experiences.

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