Roy Design | A Legacy of Luxury Home Furniture

Roy Design | A Legacy of Luxury Home Furniture

November 18, 2023

In an exclusive conversation with Coveted Magazine, Omar Taoudi, a representative of Roy Design Sarl from Morocco, unveils the legacy and aspirations of a company deeply rooted in opulent home design. “I represent a Roy design company, which is a company that specializes in very high-end products for homes, home design,” Taoudi states, giving insight into the foundation of their business.



The Roy Design story dates back to 1880 when it was initiated by Taoudi’s great-grandfather. Over the generations, the company has evolved, initially rooted in metals but subsequently diversifying its portfolio into various sectors, including land development, construction, and agriculture. Taoudi proudly emphasizes that Roy Design for luxury home furniture is their latest venture, marking the fourth generation’s commitment to upholding and evolving the family legacy.



“For us, Covet Group was essential to properly see and touch the materials and fabrics,” Taoudi explains. The company’s participation with Covet Group allows them to intimately understand the products, ensuring an enhanced knowledge of the intricate details that will be presented in their showrooms. Moreover, it fosters valuable relationships with partners in marketing, sales, and design, offering collaborative opportunities for future projects. Taoudi’s visit to the manufacturers left a profound impact. Exploring the workshops revealed a deeply personal touch in crafting each product. “We can feel the love of what they are doing because it’s very manual,” Taoudi expresses, underscoring the artisans’ dedication. The uniqueness of every item further emphasizes the artisanal craftsmanship that goes into each creation.



Reflecting on his personal highlight, Taoudi singles out the Imperfectio Sofa. Crafted through a meticulous hammering process, each sofa exudes distinctiveness, embodying the essence and mood of the craftsman. “It’s a very unique piece of art,” he affirms, noting its exceptional craftsmanship.




Discussing the unique position of Moroccan culture, Taoudi highlights the diversity of projects in the country, resonating with the fusion of Arabian-European cultural influences. This eclectic blend finds synergy with the distinctive products of Boca do Lobo, aligning seamlessly with Morocco’s cultural tapestry.



The future for Roy Design Sarl looks promising as they gear up for the inauguration of two new showrooms. “We are working on two new projects – one in Casablanca and one in Fez,” Taoudi reveals. Casablanca, being the economic hub, and Fez, the cultural capital, hold immense potential as vibrant markets for Boca do Lobo‘s offerings.



Roy Design Sarl stands as a testament to tradition, craftsmanship, and a forward-looking approach to luxury home furniture. With a legacy spanning over a century, their commitment to excellence and innovation continues to shape the narrative of opulence in home design.

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