From Chicago to Florida | Natasha Chatkin’s Interior Design Journey

From Chicago to Florida | Natasha Chatkin’s Interior Design Journey

November 10, 2023

Hailing from Chicago with over 22 years of experience in residential interior design, Natasha Chatkin is the visionary behind CH Interiors. As the business owner and lead interior designer, she’s witnessed a transformation in clientele brought about by the unique circumstances of recent times.




“Covid happened, so actually, people moved from Chicago to more warm areas like Florida,” Chatkin reveals, shedding light on the shift. With Chicago’s colder climate, residents sought respite in the sunnier haven of Florida, leading to a surge in designing second residences in the sunshine state, marking significant growth for her business.



Visiting the Covet Group left a lasting impression on Chatkin. “When I saw from scratch, from the drawings, how you created this masterpiece, I would say each of them, masterpiece, how much craftsmanship involved and what the quality is that,” she expresses, in awe of the meticulous craft behind each piece. She reminisces discovering Covet Group at the Milano Furniture Show, specifically recalling the ‘Safe Millionaire’ as a standout, equating it to the epitome of handcrafted perfection, akin to a Rolls-Royce.



Reflecting on her experiences visiting Italy and the Covet Group showroom, Chatkin resonates deeply with the unique aspects of craftsmanship, especially in the mirrors. “It’s created so differently. That’s what created uniqueness of your company,” she observes, acknowledging the impactful role of details like poolcast that add an exceptional touch to designs.



Inspiration for her projects often springs from diverse sources. “Looking at some catalogs and especially like today I was observing that puzzle piece,” Chatkin notes, finding inspiration in the intricate details and color combinations in designs. She attributes her inspiration to observing various showrooms, manufacturer visits, and the curated interiors at Covet Group’s showroom.



Currently working on significant projects, Chatkin foresees collaborations for distinctive pieces like pianos, safes, and pool tables through Covet Group. Her attention to detail, ignited by discoveries like a small spider detail on a piece’s leg, fuels her enthusiasm to offer clients unique, bespoke designs. As Natasha Chatkin continues to redefine residential spaces, her journey stands as a testament to an unwavering pursuit of perfection and innovation, ensuring each design echoes the distinct essence of its inhabitants.




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