Feel inspired by some amazing Portuguese Interior Designers (PT2)

Feel inspired by some amazing Portuguese Interior Designers (PT2)

Feel inspired by some amazing Portuguese Interior Designers (PT2)

August 6, 2019

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We will be continuing our journey throughout the wonderful talents from Portugal. This is a perfect example of a country which has been investing in its cultural landmarks as well as going through some innovations in their design talents. Join CovetED (Again!) on the discovery of a country’s unique creativity in interior design.


Joana Astolfi 


Feel inspired by some amazing Portuguese Interior Designers-PT2

Photo credits: Joana Astolfi


Joana Astolfi is an artist, architect and designer who draws visual inspiration from a broad universe of found objects. Starting from Joana’s creative vision, Studio Astolfi is a team of artists, architects, and technicians who specialize in telling stories, evoking memories, and captivating the curiosity of our audiences. Studio Astolfi has created projects for Hermès, Belcanto, Bairro do Avillez, Claus Porto, São Lourenço do Barrocal, A Padaria Portuguesa, Lx Factory, PARK Bar, João Manzarra, André Ópticas and NOS, among many others.



Lavradio Design


Feel inspired by some amazing Portuguese Interior Designers-PT2-2

Photo credits: Lavardio Design



Lavradio Design believes that an architectural interior design and decoration project is only finished when fully embodies the client’s wishes. That is why Lavradio Design has no obvious signs. The style of each project should be an expression of who will live or work there. Their style is defined by methodology applied, accuracy and dedication to each project.


Lisete Reis


Feel inspired by some amazing Portuguese Interior Designers-PT2

Photo credits: Lisete Reis


Lisete Reis is proof that having two loves is not impossible. A journalist for TVI almost 20 years ago, she created a blog for decoration that improved to a store on Rua de Camões. The store may be small, but it fits all there. There are comfortable armchairs, worked mirrors, various cushions, Portuguese ceramics, among many other things. The all-white decoration it’s one of Lisete’s favourite tendencies, which are peppered with vivid colours, like roses and greens, with some improbable combinations. As for style, there is a bit of everything – “We go from the contemporary to the classic, from Provencal to romantic, with golds and carvings”.


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Mint Interior Design


Feel inspired by some amazing Portuguese Interior Designers-PT2-4

Photo credits: Mint Interior Design


Mint Interior Design atelier was born in 2016 as the result of the ambition and dream of Designer Teresa Pietra Torres to create a new and disruptive approach in the interior decoration and architecture sector. Mint Interior Design seeks to make each space comfortable, functional, sober, balanced, customized and according to the goals, preferences, and expectations of customers.



Musa Décor


Feel inspired by some amazing Portuguese Interior Designers-PT2-5

Photo credits: Musa Decor



Created by Soraia Pereira in 1999, Musa Décor combines both architecture and design services, so that each work reflects the inspirations and desires of each client inside and outside the house. Its style is characterized by being full of emotions and positive energy, turning simple spaces into rooms where you can whether have a cosy family gathering or an elegant cocktail party with friends.




Feel inspired by some amazing Portuguese Interior Designers-PT2-6

Photo credits: OitoEmPonto


After developing his talent for many years in fashion, in Portugal and Sweden, Artur Miranda diversified into interior design. Following his resolutely modern and innovative design approach for that time in Portugal, he created Oitoemponto in 1993. Two years later, Jacques Bec joined him, bringing his own very personal French touch from Paris. They started working for public and commercial places, but their common taste for sophisticated and personalized surroundings soon leads them to develop their creativity in private places – which is now the main part of their job.



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