Design MEETings with Thang Long Luxury Home Interior Design

Design MEETings with Thang Long Luxury Home Interior Design

October 19, 2021

Design MEETings with Thang Long Luxury Home


We start with a very pertinent question that Mr James left us with and stuck in our heads “We usually don’t invite our friends to the bedroom, right?”… Have you ever thought about this? What is the first room you invite your friends into? The living room, the kitchen? It can be the bedroom, no problem, we don’t want to make judgments. But when you receive your guests, the living room will probably be the first room, correct? It is important to define which room is going to welcome the people that come into your home. This is the room that is going to impact your guests. That’s going to communicate the way you want to be seen, which shows your status. After that, it will certainly be the kitchen. The kitchen has the power of union. It unites families and friends around to prepare that special dinner where everyone helps out while chatting. It brings families together at the end of a long day of work. And it’s also where the magic happens, and where one of the best pleasures in the world is done: eating!




The Thang Long Luxury Home interior design Director has a passion for kitchens. Through them, everything started for him in the world of interior design and became his speciality. But it goes far beyond that! Mr James’s amazing work already includes all the rooms. He started early on working with very demanding clients and was able to understand right away how to deal with them and their ambitions and expectations. If there’s one thing he likes most, it’s precisely meeting those expectations and making his clients happy with the result. And how does he achieve this? By listening, always! No doubt there’s much more to the work of an interior designer than we might think. There’s an almost psychologist work: listening, understanding, knowing the tastes and goals, the lifestyle, the daily life, and the work; to then be able to help that person to realize the dream they have for their home. There’s whole magic around the world of interior design so that the result can be: seeing people’s personalities stamped on every piece of furniture, every wall colour, and in every room chosen and made by the interior designer.



Having history and maintaining the memory of spaces is one of Mr James’ goals in his works, but he focuses mostly on the organization. Especially the kitchen, of course! The most important room in the house, in Mr James’ opinion. Which room in the house is the busiest? What’s the room where so often the whole family meets, especially at the beginning and end of the day? Exactly, the kitchen! So Mr James thinks it’s fundamental to have organization, where everything can be done separately and where the whole family can move around and do different tasks at the same time. We can almost say he is the Marie Kondo of kitchen interior design! For him, it makes no sense for spaces to get messy and confused. Especially with big families. The only possible “disorganization” and mixing is when it comes to colours and objects. In this aspect, everything is allowed and for Mr James, there are no limits. As long as is done with the knowledge and by someone who truly knows what is doing. For that, there are so many good interior designers.



We took advantage of Mr James being one of them to get some insights into this world we love so much! We were always thinking of our community of interior design lovers. We took the opportunity to ask for some advice on how to achieve that status in any room of the house. The question has crossed your mind, hasn’t it? We know it was! And Mr James’ answer was: investing in key pieces that communicate that status. And in the living room, they are a sofa and chandelier.



Invest in a sofa and chandelier that has your personality and is of good quality, and through that, you can communicate the status you want. Now if you’re thinking: but I’ve never found the piece that’s perfect for me. I can’t find furniture that is 100% in line with my personality. There is a solution for you: craftsmanship and bespoke that make everything in one… Quality products with exclusivity and according to what you imagined. If it doesn’t exist, you can create it. Mr James agrees with this and believes that increasingly customers want something that was imagined by them, especially because, using Mr James’ words, “they are very proud to show up that item to their friend to say that “this was my idea!”.




As it is no longer a secret to anyone, Meetsales represents brands that use craftsmanship and make bespoke pieces. Mr James already knew some of them: Brabbu, Boca do Lobo, Luxxu, PullCast… He has worked with these brands precisely to get customers something special and with their signature. Surely you have read or heard the cliché question concerning humour, that the answer is never consensual: are there limits to humour? When this question comes to interior design the answer is clear and easy: there are no limits to interior design! Everything is possible! And that’s why it excites and fascinates so many people, who work in the field and beyond.