Design MEETings with Laith Design Studio

Design MEETings with Laith Design Studio

October 13, 2021



Mr. Laith, the interior designer, and owner of Laith Design Studio welcomed us with his characteristic charm and good mood while telling us his story of overcoming, motivation, and doing everything (possible and impossible) to achieve his dreams. A true story of inspiration for all of us, the interior design lovers.


Laith knew from an early age that his dream was to pursue the field of interior design. Ever since he was a child he loved the objects, the details, and their crafting. He loved the touch of the pieces and the feel of the furniture that always intrigued him. Creating in him a need to want to know more about interior design.

He dreamed of being part of this world. From a young age, he ventured into unconventional programs that nurtured his love for furniture and design, nurtured his curiosity with everything he could capture, to one day follow his dream of becoming an interior designer. However, due to Laith’s father being a film producer, he wanted his son to follow in his footsteps and continue his legacy, prompting Laith to study filmmaking.

Even following this study area, Laith knew very well what path he wanted to follow. He became an interior designer in a self-taught way, as he never graduated in this field. Instead, he read, researched, studied everything he could about the whole history and styles of interior design. Is there a greater inspiration than achieving what we want to achieve and do what we love the most?

Nothing stopped Laith from fulfilling his dream and becoming the amazing interior designer he is today with wonderful projects all over the world. If there are lessons to be learned from this pleasant conversation, this is undoubtedly one of them. The owner of Laith Design Studio had to be creative to get started with his passion and started creating with what he had, in a small, non-air-conditioned room in warm Dubai with no money. That’s where it all started.

He had the idea of Art Deco paintings, inspired by Tamara de Lempicka (a noted Polish Art Deco painter) with a mix of Pop. But something was missing… and as he was looking at some amazing Swarovski jewelry, he thought: why not? He took a chance and went directly to Swarovski Middle-East to try and see if they would be interested in sponsoring the exhibition he was creating. Even after receiving several no’s, Laith didn’t give up. Nothing was going to stop him, and after some insistence, Swarovski accepted to meet with him and fell in love with his work, offering Laith to supply his work with all the crystals and jewelry he might need.

After the entire collection of paintings was done, Laith presented his collection at the Index fair in Dubai where he didn’t sell a single piece, he told us while laughing. Mr. Helmut Swarovski, Swarovski’s owner, showed up and loved the collection, making Laith’s stand the cover of the Index Magazine. And the rest is history! With all that exposure, he got his first job as an interior designer.

With no company, or showroom where he could show his collection, but with all the willpower and motivation he needed to succeed! Laith rolled up his sleeves and went directly to his clients to finally accomplish the first of many jobs that would come his way as an interior designer. It has been 16 years! 16 years in which Laith proudly cultivated interior design as his life, addiction, passion, and love affair! Laith says he doesn’t have a specific style.

“I like to mix different genres and styles and periods because that’s what makes it personal, that’s what makes it you”.

Laith Abdelhadi

He’s not into trends. Trends come and go, so he prefers something more timeless. Trends come and go, so he prefers something more timeless. For Laith what matters is when the house embraces us!  And isn’t this one of the best hugs? We think so! Especially now with this pandemic, we are going through, our home was for a long time the only hug we could give. And if that hug is warm and cozy, we feel less alone. And as Laith rightly says, the only socialization possible has been with our chair and our couch… and if that’s the case, at least may they be pretty ones!

The funniest thing about all this is that Laith’s style is not at all part of his own house. As we usually say, “the carpenter’s door is always broken” right? The only thing he has managed to finish was his bedroom, which he considers to be the most important room in the house. Admitting that he will probably have to hire a designer to design his house as he finds it impossible to do it since he is surrounded by so many furniture, manufacturers, materials, and inspiration… It’s much easier to design for others, even if the challenge remains, and Laith does it with primacy.

A person so attached to emotions and feelings had to have a special project that occupies a warm place in his heart. That project features his favorite piece: Versailles sofa from Boca do Lobo. Not to brag, but as far as we are concerned, we can understand Laith’s passion for the incredible piece from an iconic brand that we happily often present.

This special London project counts as double the special, as the UK is Laith’s favorite area to work in. London is surrounded by art, architecture, museums of history, with an abundance of showroom suppliers, making it the perfect place to create. It has an endless amount of evolution and creativity… and the best of all? It’s unexpected! As he walks into a showroom and never knows what he will find.

What is not unexpected is Laith’s continued success. He plans to continue his growth in the sector while creating a team to share tasks with. He has everything in his hands and knows that it’s time to entrust the process and hand it over to other hands so that he can embrace bigger projects.