Crafting Timeless Spaces | The Distinctive Journey of 1508 Interior Design

Crafting Timeless Spaces | The Distinctive Journey of 1508 Interior Design

November 9, 2023

The journey of 1508 Interior Design extends beyond the conventional realms of interior design. They are more than just decorators; they are architects of experiences. Whether it’s a private residence, a welcoming hospitality venue, or a multifaceted development, this design studio’s expertise encompasses every stage of the design and construction process.



In the world of interior and architecture design, the creative minds behind a project are often what truly define its uniqueness and distinction. For 1508 Interior Design, that creative force is embodied in the talents of Alessandra Melchiorri and Joy Lagmay-Jay, two remarkable individuals who have dedicated their careers to crafting exceptional spaces that are, in a word, timeless. Alessandra Melchiorri, a senior designer with close to five years of experience at 1508 Interior Design, and Joy Lagmay-Jay, a design associate with nearly six years in the company, are the visionary designers at the heart of this London-based design studio. With a strong commitment to delivering unique, high-quality spaces, their passion for design knows no bounds.



1508 Interior Design’s portfolio is a testament to their flexibility and adaptability. “We do have our own style, but we’re really flexible depending on the client, both resident or hospitality,” Alessandra explains. This adaptability is what sets them apart, enabling them to create diverse spaces that resonate with the individuality of each project. The process at 1508 Interior Design is an art form in itself. “We make them with their client,” says Alessandra. “But there are a few questionnaires to get an idea of what they want. Then we go through different phases, which are the Rebo phases.” Joy elaborates, “We basically go from concept to what they expect, if there are any brands that they want us to include they can send us mood images, and then from there, we build a concept and then we relay with them to develop each process for each stage.”



But what truly sets 1508 Interior Design apart is their relentless pursuit of excellence and their deep appreciation for craftsmanship. During a recent visit to Portugal, they were captivated by the artisanal skills and the dedication to craft. “The craftsmanship between them and the expertise for each piece that brings together each item. Each, I guess, person is putting their version into the metalworks and then into the timber and then the finishing. There are loads of different components to create one piece,” Joy marvels. Alessandra adds, “It’s quite unique. It’s a quite unique source of things. It’s nice to see them.”




The stories behind the designs are equally important to Alessandra and Joy. “It’s always easier to sell a product to a client when there is a story,” Joy notes. Their passion for heritage and handcrafted details finds a perfect match in the meticulously crafted pieces from Boca do Lobo, which they have integrated into their projects with a keen sense of purpose. When it comes to their design preferences, their love for heritage and handcrafted details is unwavering. “I love it. I mean, I love it. It’s just visual. I love it. But yeah, the history behind it is,” Alessandra emphasizes.



Their approach to design is as diverse as their portfolio. “I think it depends on the project because obviously the project is and the locality of where the project is helps drive where the concept can go,” Joy explains. “It’s less about the trend, it’s more about their look,” Alessandra adds. As for the future, 1508 Interior Design is branching into the realm of hospitality projects. “I mean, we’ve got such a variation of projects now. We’re like hospitality projects we’re delving into now,” Joy reveals.




Their commitment to creating spaces that resonate with their clients and the environments they inhabit is unwavering. “It’s most of the times about obviously client environments, but the heritage of where the place is and to create a sense of place in the project that is not just about your requirements, but also where,” Alessandra says. With a keen focus on the client’s needs and the unique character of each project, Alessandra Melchiorri and Joy Lagmay-Jay continue to be the driving force behind 1508 Interior Design’s exceptional creations. Their passion, dedication, and unwavering commitment to excellence shine through in every design, making 1508 Interior Design a trailblazer in the world of interior and architecture. 

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