October 6, 2021



Ivan Satria

 Kintsugi Visual 


A skillful designer, Ivan Satria is our latest selected designer to be featured on CovetED New Talents. From Indonesia, Ivan is the Co-founder and Lead Artist for Kintsugi Visual, a creative visual communication studio. Pursuing an ambitious journey through their partnership with dreamers & makers from all around the world, including their latest collaboration with Covet House for a fantastic project: High-end Contemporary Condo in Los Angeles. The studio aims through their smooth and clean, yet detailed result, satisfy and top their partner’s expectations, embrace their visions, and make sure every detail counts according to the message behind the ideas from the designs. CovetED had the opportunity to find out more about this incredible designer and get a glimpse into his work and his studio.





When interviewed, Ivan affirmed that he loves everything about his work, every process and detail in it, especially when it comes to the rendering stage because he really loves that moment when their partner’s ideas are transformed into beautiful realistic images, he also added that having such a great team in his organization is also something that makes his days. Their spirit to always go above and beyond for Kintsugi Visual really sparks Ivan to always do nothing less but the best for the studio and for all of them.


For Ming Architects


Forest House



“There are so many things in life that I still need to achieve, two of which are to scale the company to go global and to create & nurture the best team ever made.”

Ivan Satria


Having his company be globally well-known with strong positive purposes for people and for our world is one o Ivan’s hopes and goals in the future. “The key from my dream is in the “with strong positive purposes for people and for our world”. For me and my partner, to be globally well-known as a successful company is one thing, but if the company runs without any strong purposes, then what for?” he added. Ivan and his partner dream that Kintsugi Visual to be globally well-known as a company that people love to work with or to work for, a company that brings joy to everyone around, creating images that have strong messages for our world, partnering & supporting a lot of great brands that have the same vision/missions with the studio, and developing new products/services that always gear towards that dream of his. “It’s a long journey for sure and we personally think that we don’t know whether we will be able to achieve what’s in our mind, but it’s better to strive for the best to reach our dream rather than just dreaming right? So, let’s go!!” he happily asserted.


Monochrome Interior



When asked about his relationship with his audience, Ivan says that all of their marketing, branding or communication efforts are always geared towards inclusivity. The studio aims to have a very genuine connection with their viewers, conveying a message that Kentsugi Virtual is a very open company where they can share their thoughts about the industry, about them, or simply just a chit chat and not limited to creative industry only, it can be everything.






“We aim to create this business ecosystem where our businesses can help each other in certain conditions. COVID-19 and the fast phase development of technology have shown us how various events can really disrupt the business landscape. If we are not able to adjust, adapt, or pivot really fast, then it can be the end of our business, so for our people.

Several businesses that are currently in our pipeline are creative agencies, coffee chains, and media. But the main priority when we want to create a new business is the people because we always buy in the people, not the business. For us, the business will always be there, but right/great business with the wrong people will lead to no way, while the right people in a wrong business can be nurtured to work for something else.”

Ivan Satria


Port Melbourne House by Pandolfini Architects


Asked about the latest trends in the design world, Ivan was very quick to his answer, affirming that he personally believes that immersive virtual reality powered by various applications, such as unreal engine and others, would be a big thing in the future and the implication can be used by almost all industries. “Just imagine when the quality of immersive virtual reality can reach to the point when you cannot differentiate between virtual reality or reality. It can definitely help a lot of businesses,” he added. Working mostly with architects, interior designers, and developers, but lately, the studios have also been approached by furniture and other creative studios as well, asking for their amazing rendering and animation work, creating private houses, apartments, offices, and large-scale master plan projects.


Sky Pool



Finalizing our interview, Ivan was asked about what he thinks the focus of the design world will be, which he believes that the integration between design and technology will be the future of design. With an increasing variety of lifestyles and needs, the use of technology will become a necessity in every aspect of life. Believing that technology will be the fastest and the most efficient way to turn dreams into reality, connect people, and make everyone have a comfortable life. The developing technology innovations will also increase the value of the design and make the world a better place. “I would like to see the use of more smart materials in the design. Smart materials are materials that are designed to be responsive to the environment. By using this, designers are expected to put more consideration and empathy not only for the client’s needs but also the impact on the environment.” he summarized.

CovetED is always in the search for the paramount of design, and studios and artists like Ivan are always exciting and getting the chance to see these emerging stars is always a great opportunity to not only expose the incredible designs but also shine light into a world of exquisite imagery. Don’t forget to follow Kintsugi Visual on Instagram and get a little taste of their projects.