Be Inspired By The Best Interior Designers In Australia

Be Inspired By The Best Interior Designers In Australia

July 6, 2019

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Australia is a land full of incredible talent, as well as some of the top interior designers in the world that create amazing interior designs! Today, CovetED brings you our pick of all the incredible talent that Australia has to offer with our best interior designers from Sydney. Allow yourself to be inspired and enjoy!


SJB Interiors

Be Inspired By The Best Interior Designers In Australia

Credits: SJB Interiors


SJB Interiors, currently under the leadership of Andrew Parr, Ljiljana Gazevic and Léo Terrando, is one of the biggest design and architecture firms in Australia, with an extensive portfolio of residential, retail and commercial projects in remarkable addresses all over the country. The firm strives to build sustainability into their work, resulting in design solutions that meet the public’s needs. When it comes to interior design, SJB Interiors creates spaces that provide comfort and delight while maintaining its timeless quality and contemporary design. Recently, the firm renovated the BMW dealership in Sydney, delivering an incredible building that perfectly combines modern design with the German brand’s high-tech engineering.


Nic Graham & Associates

Be Inspired By The Best Interior Designers In Australia

Credits: Nic Graham & Associates


Nic Graham & Associates is an Australian interior design firm founded by interior designer Nic Graham. The firm’s work is contemporary but always inspired by mid-century vintage, incorporating a true sense of warmth and comfort. Since 1999 that Nic Graham & Associates is located in Sydney, with collaborative studios in China. A medium-sized team of design associates and design technicians focussing on unique hotels, restaurants and residential projects that allow them to explore bespoke design in every aspect of their work. A collaboration with Stellarworks has allowed a bespoke, hotel style furniture collection to be manufactured in Asia that is now available and distributed worldwide. The firm is celebrated for a variety of residential, commercial and hospitality projects in the Asia-Pacific region including QT Hotels in Australia and W Hotels in Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Brisbane.


Wall Category


MorrisCo Design

Be Inspired By The Best Interior Designers In Australia

Credits: MorrisCo Design


MorrisCo Design is an interior design firm that works with established and emerging brands to create innovative interiors. Created by Alexandra Morris, the firm focuses on the creation of stylish and bespoke spaces for each client, ranging from retail spaces to restaurants or bars. MorrisCo Design provides inspiring and innovative design ideas based on the client’s vision, followed by a practical construction plan for the builder and the delivery of the final project. The firm aims to develop creative interior design concepts that will maximize the use of space, resulting in incredible contemporary and modern interior designs.


Bates Smart

Be Inspired By The Best Interior Designers In Australia

Credits: Bates Smart


Bates Smart delivers architecture, interior design, urban design and strategic services in Australia, with over 250 studios scattered across Melbourne and Sydney. Known as one of Australia’s oldest architectural firm’s, Bates Smart has been in business since 1853, making up 166 years of history. Their award-winning projects transform the cities they’re built in since the firm strives to build urban spaces and environments that cater to the general public. Some of their most prolific projects include the Melbourne Public Library, the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney or the Hilton Hotel in Melbourne.


Siren Design

Be Inspired By The Best Interior Designers In Australia

Credits: Siren Design


Founded in 2006 by CEO Mia Feasey, Siren Design has been an important and inspiring part of the Australian design scene. Siren Design’s philosophy is that interiors play a big role in human happiness, well-being and productivity, so it’s essential to craft an environment that reflects who the client is and what they do but, most importantly, an environment that invites people in. That’s the motto behind the firm’s modern but welcoming design aesthetic. Some of the studio’s biggest projects include the Twitter Singapore and Facebooks Sydney headquarters. Siren Design has gone on to open offices in Melbourn, Brisbane, Perth and Singapore, but Sydney remains as Siren Design’s true home.



Be Inspired By The Best Interior Designers In Australia

Credits: arnoldlane


arnoldlane is a boutique interior design office based in Sydney. Founded in 2002 by design partners Kathy Arnold and Christopher Lane, the firm has the ethos to deftly balancing aesthetics with function, achieving a design quality in everything they do. arnoldlane takes a fresh, pragmatic and collaborative approach to interior design practise that focuses on the client. Every project is seen as an opportunity to provide a unique design solution and aesthetic for their commercial interior, hospitality or residential clients. Their commercial projects include Coca-Cola’s head office in Sydney and Park Regis Melbourne. While their focus is on commercial interior projects, arnoldlanes’ residential work is also noteworthy, having been featured in design magazines, international publications and national awards.


Massimo Interiors

Be Inspired By The Best Interior Designers In Australia

Credits: Massimo Interiors


Massimo Interiors was created by Massimo Speroni. Born in Milano, the designer has an elegant approach to design that lies in his artful orchestration of scale and texture. His projects are tightly edited and typically shy from predictability, always opting for something more exotic. Consistent throughout his work is a sense of glamour, drawing inspiration from both classical and contemporary references skilfully merged in new and original contexts. His top approach to residential interior design is also largely based on the opposition of contrasts. Massimo draws every project by hand, applying the same procedure that the great Italian art masters like Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo. This particular method makes each project original, unique and unrepeatable, balancing the freshness of the creativity with the perfection of the technique. Massimo Interiors’ work has been featured in several publications and TV shows.


Dining Tables Boca do Lobo


Whiting Architects

Be Inspired By The Best Interior Designers In Australia

Credits: Whiting Architects


Whiting Architects is an architecture and interior design studio with over 35 years of experience. Founded by director Steven Whiting, his qualifications in both interior design and architecture define the firms’ signature style and form a design philosophy that centres on the premise that there is no separation between disciplines. The practice views each project holistically, producing work that transcends trends and remains contemporary and robust for years to come. Their work is mostly residential, with a distinct minimalist and Scandinavian-inspired design style.


AA Architects

Be Inspired By The Best Interior Designers In Australia

Credits: AA Architects


Adrian Amore Architects, or simply AA Architects, is a full-service architectural practice committed to undertaking projects throughout all phases of the process, from sketch design to the end of construction. It is a design-focussed practice that prides itself on providing unique and innovative architectural outcomes for its clients. Each project provides a set of unique possibilities for the exploration of ideas and concepts. The practice is committed to responding to these possibilities through a rigorous design process, which seeks to produce outcomes tailored to the needs of its clients whilst staying true its architectural vision. AA Architects had won several awards, including The Australian Interior Design Awards Premier Award for Excellence and Innovation.


Hare + Klein

Be Inspired By The Best Interior Designers In Australia

Credits: Hare + Klein


Hare + Klein is led by Meryl Hare and Associate Dimity Chitty with a team of creative designers who have ensured that the practice has maintained its position as one of Australia’s leading interior design studios for nearly 30 years. The multi-award winning practice has built a reputation for approaching projects in a considered and collaborative way. They offer a full interior design service, from concept through to completion, delivering professional solutions that exceed expectations and add value to projects. With extensive experience in both residential and commercial projects, Hare + Klein always caters to the client’s needs, fulfilling their design vision with a modern and contemporary touch.


Layan Design Group

Be Inspired By The Best Interior Designers In Australia

Credits: Layan Design Group


Layan is an Australian design firm whose philosophy revolves around being sympathetic to the human form, scale and proportion, guaranteeing that every project is crafted with an innate tenderness an intimacy. Their projects enhance the presence of the surrounding nature without destroying its integrity in the process, with the goal being to create a natural environment. Their work stands out due to the incredible attention to detail and the inclusion of local craftsmen during the process. Layan Design Group’s commercial projects include the Ritz Carlton Hotel and the Louis Vuitton Café.


Camilla Molders Design

Be Inspired By The Best Interior Designers In Australia

Credits: Camilla Molders Design


Founded in 2004, Camilla Molders Design is an interior design and decoration studio that focuses on residential interiors. From large-scale renovations and new builds to single room makeovers, the studio works with their clients on all aspects of the design process, often collaborating with architects and builders, to create functional and beautiful spaces with furniture, fabrics, and art, that skilfully reflect the client’s personal taste and style. The studio eagers to create spaces that push design boundaries while balancing functionality with aesthetics, with a big focus on craftsmanship. Camilla’s interior design work in Australia has been featured in a host of Australian and international publications.


Smart Design Studio

Be Inspired By The Best Interior Designers In Australia

Credits: Smart Design Studio


Smart Design Studio, founded in 1997, is a multi-discipline design studio that offers professional services in architecture and interior architecture and design. William Smart is the founder and Creative Director of Smart Design Studio and is directly involved in every project, contributing at all stages from the design to the final delivery of the project. Smart Design Studio’s portfolio includes master-planning for urban centres, residential developments, retail and commercial developments, as well as product design. Some of their best commercial projects include the Central Park Display Pavillion and the Hyde Park Cafe.


Flack Studio

Be Inspired By The Best Interior Designers In Australia

Credits: Flack Studio


Flack Studio was launched in 2014 by David Flack. The interior design studio prouds itself on delivering an impeccably detailed, finely crafted and functional product. They work together with their clients to create something honest and unique, looking at the design process as a journey that they all go on together. Gio Ponti and Vincent Van Duysen are some of the design legends that inspire this studio, whose signature style revolves around nostalgic modernism mixed with mid-century modern design.


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