Interior Design Trends: How Fashion Can Inspire Your Home Decor

Interior Design Trends: How Fashion Can Inspire Your Home Decor

July 22, 2019


When it comes to setting interior design trends, Fashion is one of the major players in creating inspirations, colour and sometimes even techniques. The fashion industry is a multi-billion dollar business, setting tendencies and bringing to the light some of what to expect from the still dim future. But when it comes to the interior decoration world, is there any connection? Do the trends set by the major names in the fashion industry influence and apply to the interior design community and their followers? CovetED brings you some mood boards featuring the hottest colours of this season incorporated in interior design.



Interior Design Trends How Fashion Can Inspire Your Home Decor


Going ahead of all the runways for spring and summer shows, Pantone acknowledged a handful of colours that would be the sensation colours of the season. Among them: Aspen Gold. The Iconic Scala Chandelier and the simple yet luxurious Darian Gold Mirror are two examples from Luxxu’s pieces that fit perfectly into this colour trend. Fashion and interior design come together in unison by praying on the desire of luxury and sleekness of both the eye of the designers but also the coveting eyes of the buyer. Gold is cold but eternal. Although small, the golden details of the Octo LE4009 knob and Flow door pull, are both incredible jewellery from PullCast hardware. Handcrafted to perfection, both pieces are a true statement to the craft, in the way a beautiful Aspen Gold dress is hand-tailored, these two pieces are craft by hand by the most expert and careful hands of the trade.





Interior Design Trends How Fashion Can Inspire Your Home Decor


Passionate. Fun. Attractive. Three of the best adjectives to describe this powerful colour. An intense red and a hue shy of burgundy, it’s the perfect colour for a mixture between the warm and cool colours of the upcoming seasons. Still, its own presence is more than a statement itself. Through nature and desire, Brabbu inspires itself on strength. Strength through the use of bold and powerful colours in their furniture and accessories. The Belize mirror is inspired by the amazing coral reefs, this round and unique detailed mirror is the perfect homage to both nature itself but to the colour as well. And the iconic Andes Armchair also from Brabbu, complete this amazing collection of red designs.



Interior Design Trends How Fashion Can Inspire Your Home Decor


A complete standout from all of the 2019 runway collections, but also one of the best colours to convey luxury and modern designs. Both complimenting each other, fashion and interior decoration have never been more in sync than by this fascinating colour. The futuristic appeal, is also present in the highly represented, in Lapiaz Marble Freestand. Playful with the materials and colours, the silver crack represents the strength of mother nature, completing this colour collection with the marble Eden Stone Freestand. Both strong pieces. Both representing the strength of this colour trend.



Interior Design Trends How Fashion Can Inspire Your Home Decor


Named by Pantone as the Colour of the Year 2019, the bright colour and its hues sit perfectly between orange and pink, a warm and nurturing colour. Saying that this lovely colour is essential in every wardrobe this year, is completely unnecessary, just like saying that Essential Home’s mid-century modern furniture is another of 2019 trends. Combining pastel colours into their style, this brand created some of the most exquisite and sleek pieces. With clean lines, the Edith Sideboard, this distinctive piece, is upholstered with soft velvet, complementing the softness of the fabric with the tenderness of the living coral hue. Those attributes are also present in the Monroe Armchair, an enchanting and glamorous piece also covered in soft and delicate velvet.





Interior Design Trends How Fashion Can Inspire Your Home Decor


Pepper Stem is close to a moss or terrarium green, but a bit warmer. With a subdued and natural shade, it irradiates life and incandescent with the sense of a new turn or new beginning. A fresh and lovable colour, it was an effortless use in every runway this year. Very casual with a retro and almost simple design, is also Diana Floor lamp from Delightfull. The industrial size lamp built of steel with a nickel-plated finish, in various colours, but this shade of green is sure to make everyone jealous. Still, in the mid-century world, the “Q” Lamp from the graphic collection, is sure the give green light to this interior design trend. This marquee letter light will be the quizzical element in every interior or exterior decor, shining a light on this beautiful and subtle shade of green.



Interior Design Trends How Fashion Can Inspire Your Home Decor


The final and ultimate colour trend for this year is not shiny or loud. The fact is that simplicity means luxury. Rug’Society handmade tailoring of carpets and rugs has also created some exquisite carpets matching these colour schemes. Ranging from various styles and collections, especially using various colours and designs from a panoply of inspirations, has come up with two rugs that fully transcend this fashion trend into the interior design world. Both carpets could adorn the wall of the floor of any interior. The Mermaid carpet gives the illusion of movement, with various skin nude tones, ranging from the centre of the carpet, representing the feminine version of the sea, while delicate is still a strong statement piece. The Oscar Rug is part of the geometric collection, already a staple of the brand’s pieces, and just like the beiges in the fashion industry could be more rudimental, this carpet also deconstructs the classical concepts in simple and solid planes were a mixture of contemporary patterns in period representations.



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